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Heavy-Duty Bottom Trays


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Our Heavy Duty Bottom Trays fit our 162 Cell and 338 Cell Seed Starting Trays for growing transplants indoors! Made with a heavy-duty plastic and built to last a lifetime. These bottom trays are 29 1/2″ long, 16″ wide and 2″ deep.


These Heavy Duty Bottom Trays are designed to work with our 162 Cell Seed Starting Trays and our 338 Cell Seed Starting Trays. The bottom trays provide a catchment system that allows you to grow your own seedlings and transplants indoors. These trays are made with heavy-duty plastic and are extremely sturdy. They are UV-resistant and will not bend or break easily. Bottom trays are useful for gardeners that need to grow their transplants indoors. If you don't have a greenhouse or live in a northern climate where growing transplants outside is not possible, these bottom trays make it easy for you to grow transplants practically anywhere!

To ensure excellent germination, seeds need overhead water in the beginning to initiate the germination cycle. These trays allow you to overhead water your seeds while catching the excess water below. Once seedlings have germinated, bottom trays allow you to water seedlings and transplants from the bottom as water will wick into the soil block. This is especially handy for people who leave home for work during the day and are not able to constantly monitor soil moisture in their seed trays. This will prevent the seed tray cells from drying and stressing the seedlings.

In addition to seed starting, these Heavy Duty Bottom Trays have many other practical uses around the garden and homestead. They work well as a holding container for filling seed trays with soil. They will catch any excess soil that may fall through the trays or off the side of the trays during the tray-filling process. You can also use them to transport seedlings or transplants to the garden for planting. Additionally, they function well as a "mud tray" to put inside your home or gardening shed. These trays are the perfect container to hold dirty socks, gloves or muddy boots.

Heavy Duty Bottom Tray Dimensions

  • Length - 29.5"
  • Width - 16"
  • Depth - 2"

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