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1020 Microgreen Growing Tray


2 reviews

Our durable, BPA-free, Food Safe #5 Microgreen tray is ideal for serious microgreen growers. The two-tier hole trays allow for optimal watering and drainage; this type of tray also increases airflow to prevent mold growth or damping off. The shallow depth makes cutting your crops easier and optimizes your yields.

Get your Microgreen Reservoir trays here.


Forget those flimsy microgreen seed trays, this is the ideal tray if you are serious about starting your microgreen growing journey! These growing trays have 385 drainage holes to remove any access water to prevent damping off. Its durable, BPA-free plastic allows for years of repeated use. The shallow depth trays allow you to cut your microgreens closer to the base of your plant for increased yields and presentation. The 1 1/4" depth will offer better airflow around the microgreens, reducing the chances of fungus or disease.

  • Optimal watering and drainage with 385 holes!
  • Long-lasting, durable design

We recommend pairing with our 1020 Hoss Microgreen Reservoir Tray.

1020 Microgreen Tray Dimensions:

Outer Length: 22 in.

Outer Width: 11 in.

Depth: 1 1/4 in.

Thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 mm

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