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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact customer service?

Customer service can be contacted at 1 (888) 672-5536 or custserv@hosstools.com Please feel free to reach out with any customer service inquiries. Our team is happy to help!

Do you still offer a printed catalog?

No, due to the frequent updates to inventory and addition of new products we are unable to provide a product catalog. However, all our products will be listed on the website, Hosstools.com

Shipping & Store Pickup

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on orders over $99.00. International shipping provided through GlobalShopEx is not eligible for free shipping.

What carriers do you use?

Our current shipping carriers are USPS and UPS. The carrier your order is shipped through is selected based on the size and weight of your package. Smaller packages default to USPS and Larger Packages default to UPS.

Do you do expedited shipping?

No, we are unable to accommodate for expedited shipping. All orders will be processed accordingly in 1-3 business days.

How much is international shipping?

When you are at checkout select international shipping, you will then receive the shipping cost. We use GlobalShopEx for international orders and shipping will not be updated until the freight carrier receives the order.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship gardening tools to Canada. However, we do not ship seeds and plants to Canada due to trade restrictions. Use the Canadian link on the website in order to save on shipping cost.

Can I cancel or change my order once it has been placed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to add/ remove items from existing orders. Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been placed. For any other questions regarding cancelling or changing an order please contact customer service at 1 (888) 672-5536 or custserv@hosstools.com

Do you offer in-store pickup?

We do offer store pick-up. We do not have a store front for shopping. You can place your order online or over the phone prior to pick-up. If you place your order online, do not enter a shipping address and enter PICK UP ONLY. Or you can place your order with us once you arrive. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am - 5 pm, excluding holidays. You will also receive a 10% walk-in discount.


Do you offer quantity discounts?

It would depend on what you’re wanting to purchase and what quantity you’re interested in. The minimum amount is 10-15 packs of the same seeds.

What is the difference between a Hybrid and a Heirloom?

If you’ve ever explored the world of growing your own vegetables, you’ve no doubt heard the terms hybrid and heirloom. Heirlooms are varieties that have not been crossbred for 40-50 years or more. These varieties can be passed down through generations and keep their characteristics through those generations because of the careful planting to prevent cross-pollination. Hybrid varieties have been specifically bred to have characteristics that are desirable to the grower. These characteristics can be anything from size, color, flavor, or disease resistance. When planting a hybrid variety, you have a much better idea of the characteristics of the fruit that the plant will produce.

Are your seeds non-GMO?

All Hoss seeds are non-GMO, we are leading the seed industry in germination rates with constant testing, and storing our seeds in a proper, climate-controlled environment.

What are treated seeds?

Seeds can be treated with many different chemicals, such as Thiram. Thiram is a very mild fungicide that prevents “damping off”. It protects the young seedling from fungal diseases in abnormally wet conditions. It is not systemic, so it doesn’t get inside the plants, and it will not stick around in the surrounding soil.

What does open pollinated mean?

Open pollinated plants are the result of seeds whose parent plants were naturally pollinated. These pollination methods can include self-pollination or pollination achieved by birds. insects and other natural means. Open pollinated plants have stable genetics that allow you to save the seeds from those plants.

Garden Tools

What Wheel Hoe is best for you?

If you are a beginner and have a small garden, the Single Wheel Hoe is for you! The Single Wheel Hoe has a smaller footprint than the double. If you are growing in row spacing from 6” to 12” then single is the best for you to use for this spacing. Conversion kits are available to change a Single Wheel Hoe into a Double Wheel Hoe. The Double Wheel Hoe allows you to straddle the plants when they are young. This allows you to do each row in one pass, rather than two like with the Single Wheel Hoe. The High Arch Wheel Hoe has a 15” clearance making it great for corn and potatoes! You are able to spread the wheel of the High Arch Wheel Hoe as much as 8 inches apart.

What are the Wheel Hoes made of?

Each Hoss Wheel Hoe has a frame made of powder-coated steel, a 15” steel wheel, and Amish-crafted, hardwood handles that are adjustable to accommodate your height. The 1/4” thick steel tool bar allows you to attach our wide variety of Attachments to perform all your gardening tasks.

Do you recommend a lubricant for the Wheel Hoe axle?

A dry lubricant, like silicone spray would work great. Check out our Wheel Hoe Success kit! Our Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes everything you need to maintain your Wheel Hoe, change attachments and keep your blades sharpened. The Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes Boiled Linseed Oil for conditioning and protecting your Wheel Hoe handles, a 9/16″ Wrench for changing Wheel Hoe attachments, a Farmers File for sharpening attachments, and a medium grit Sanding Block for polishing and smoothing.

What is the ground clearance of the Wheel Hoe?

The ground clearance for the Single, Double and High Arch Wheel Hoe is 7 1/2”. The High Arch Wheel Hoe's middle arch has a 15″ clearance that allows you to straddle taller plants for cultivation, weeding and throwing dirt to the middle of the row.

How can I adjust the height of the handles on the Wheel Hoe?

To adjust the height of the handles, simply cut the handles at the desired height and drill new holes for the bolt. Then, attach it back to the frame of the wheel hoe.

How can I convert my Double Wheel Hoe into a Single Wheel Hoe?

To convert your double wheel hoe to a single wheel hoe you will need to purchase the Shoulder Bolt Accessory and follow the instructions.

What are the advantages of the Double Wheel Hoe vs the High Arch Wheel Hoe?

The Advantages of the Double Wheel Hoe is that it is compatible with the Drip Tape Layer and the Disk Harrow Attachments that we have. The High Arch Wheel Hoe is not compatible with those.

Can a disk harrow go on the High Arch Wheel Hoe?

Unfortunately, you cannot attach the disk harrow to the High arch Wheel Hoe. Only to the Single- and double-wheel hoes.

Can you convert the High Arch Wheel Hoe into a Single Wheel Hoe?

Unfortunately, you cannot convert the High Arch Double Wheel Hoe to the Single Wheel Hoe. However, the Single Wheel Hoe can be converted into a Double Wheel Hoe and vice versa.

Gardening Supplies

What is 20-20-20?

20% Nitrogen 20% Phosphorus 20% Potassium which is only 60%, the other 40% is called Carrier. The Carrier allows you to spread the fertilizer without you burning up your plants!

What are the fertilizing rates for 20-20-20?

For fertilizing seedlings or transplants, mix 4 teaspoons of 20-20-20 per gallon of water and apply two times a week. If using our Brass Siphon Mixer, dissolve 1 cup of 20-20-20 in a 5-gallon bucket. If you wish to accelerate the seedling growth, you can increase the frequency to 3-4 times a week. If you wish to slow seedling growth because outside temperatures are not yet favorable for planting, you can reduce the frequency to 1 time a week. For raised bed or container gardens, mix 1 cup of 20-20-20 with 4-5 gallons of water in a 5-gallon bucket. Then pour the dissolved fertilizer on the soil beside the plant stem. Pour 1 quart of the mixture beside each plant, and repeat every 2-3 weeks as plants grow. When using our Hoss Fertilizer Injector, mix 1-2 lbs of 20-20-20 per 1,000 square feet of garden. Apply every 2-3 weeks or as plants appear to need it.

What fertilizers are water soluble for Injector?

The following are fertilizers that are water soluble: 20 -20-20, Micro boost, Ammonium Sulfate, Chilean Nitrate and Calcium Nitrate.

Can you use the Hoss Injector with a sprinkler system?

Yes, but we do not recommend using a Flo Disc. Note: The Flo-Disc is not intended for pressure reduction and cannot be used for this purpose. The Flo-Disc will create additional bypass through the tank when necessary to speed up injection.

How many Gallons need to pass through the Hoss Injector to clear it out?

It usually takes me a couple of hours to empty a tank. It all depends on your output. Here is some info that may help. Fertilizer Injector Ratio Settings: Use the following ratios to determine how long you’ll need to run your water system to empty all the fertilizer in the tank: Slow – 1000:1, #1 – 500:1, #2 – 250:1, Fast – 100:1

Will the Hoss Injector work with soaker hoses?

No, we would not recommend the injector for soaker hoses. They are too inconsistent, and you would have an issue with plants getting too little or too much fertilizer.

What is the minimum amount of drip tape to use with the injector?

The injector works great with drip irrigation systems because it puts the fertilizer at the roots of the plants -- right where they need it. You need a minimum of 40ft of drip tape ran to use the injector.

What is the maximum input water pressure (PSI) that the Hoss Injector’s filter/regulator can withstand? 

We do not recommend anything more than 55 PSI.

What is the maximum row length that your Drip Tape can support?

Our Drip Tape can be used on a maximum row length of 100 ft. at 12 psi. We don’t recommend using on rows longer than 100 feet. If rows are too long, water will not be equally distributed throughout the Drip Tape along the row.

What can I plant in a lazy garden?

The lazy garden is equipped to grow just about anything! Our only suggestion is that you do not plant corn in the lazy garden.

What insecticides are safe for my native pollinators such as my bees?

Neem Oil, Spinosad or Horticulture oil are the best. Anytime you use any pest control you want to be sure you spray when the bees are least active. Either first thing in the morning or last in the afternoon!

Will the Root Pouch resist tree roots from breaking out?

Yes, a 45 gal will resist roots from breaking out. The best feature is it lets the roots breathe unlike hard containers. Our Root Puches are UV Resistant, BPA Free, Non-Toxic and made from 100% recycled water bottles.

How long will my Root Pouch last?

We generally like to tell folks 5 years. We have known growers who have used Root Pouches above ground for at least 7 years and still going, even in larger sizes like 45 gallon and 65 gallon. Given, they aren't roughly dragging them and are growing above ground, but as long as you don't accidentally slice it or drag it heavily across sharp gravel, you should see several years of use.