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Hoss Pruning Shears


Our Hoss Pruning Shears are simply the best! Perfect for trimming fruit trees, pruning vegetable and flower plants, and harvesting thick-stemmed vegetables like winter squash or pumpkins. Super-sharp blade with locking aluminum handles, a shock absorption system, and a sap groove to prevent the blade from sticking.


Hoss Pruning Shears are the heavy-duty solution to pruning any vegetable plant or fruit tree around your garden or homestead. This Swiss-made design dates back to 1917 and has been a dependable solution for growers for decades. This is the only pair of pruners you will ever need!

If you have any fruit trees, bushes, or vines on your homestead, you're definitely going to need these. We use them for trimming our fig trees, blackberries, blueberries, muscadine vines and more. The strong and durable design performs consistently after hours and hours of use.

Use these pruning shears for pruning indeterminate tomato plants to improve air flow between plants and to manage vertical growth. They also work great for flower pruning and harvesting. Use them to harvest and prune cut flowers like zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, and more!

Hoss Pruning Shears have forged aluminum handles that are lightweight, yet strong and durable. The handles have a red, rubber coating that ensures comfort during prolonged use. These pruning shears are designed so that they can be used by left-handed or right-handed users.

The cutting blade is extremely sharp and is coated with PTFE, a nonstick coating that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. They include a sap groove which prevents the shears from jamming as a result of sap buildup. The durable spring provides a shock absorption system for cutting thick limbs.

Hoss Pruning Shears include a 3 opening position thumb catch. This allows the cutting width to be set for the stems or twigs being cut. This reduces the effort of the continual hand squeeze motion and makes for quick and easy pruning.

Hoss Pruning Shears:

  • Length - 8.5"
  • Weight - 7.9 oz
  • Cutting Capacity - 1"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christy Burroughs
Buying another pair!

Well, I’m having to buy another pair. Every time I go to use mine, my husband has them using them. It’s the little things in a marriage that matters so to keep from being frustrated over my sheers and to keep the marriage happy, I’m buying a second pair! Best dang shears I’ve ever bought!

Buck Lindsay
Love this product!

Great shears