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Hoss Drill Hopper


It’s time to upgrade your seeding process and save even more time! The Hoss Drill Hopper is our newest design in the Garden Seeder accessories. A game-changer for the home-gardener; made in the USA and with durable materials designed for sowing seeds with ease! The perfect tool for planting food plots, cover crops, flowers, and much more!


The Drill Hopper is made to fit on our Hoss Garden Seeder to make planting easier. The Drill Hopper is fitted with a Gate that allows you to change the amount of seeds dispersed at a time. Although it is not as precise as the seed plates, it allows you to plant irregular shaped Seeds with ease.

The Hoss Garden Seeder has a rolling coulter or rolling disk that opens a furrow for the dropping seed. This double disk furrow opener works great in soils that have heavy organic residue from prior vegetable or cover crops. Once the Drill Hopper drops the Seeds between the double disk into the furrow, the drag chain covers the Seeds, and the rear wheel packs the soil to ensure optimal germination.

Hoss Drill Hopper Hardware:

  • Long washer
  • Agitator
  • Gate
  • 1/4" Wingnut
  • 1/" x 3/4" Carriage Head Bolt

 Watch the YouTube Video to Learn More about the Drill Hopper

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great for planting long rows

Farmer Bill
Good For What It Is

Ideal for irregular flower seeds as advertised. However, I still think the #4 plate is more effective planting sunflowers. For optimal operation it requires a lot of seed. There is a trade off here. You can either plant seeds like zinnias by hand more accurately with a ton more effort and time, OR use the hopper for effortless quick planting and do some thinning and just be ok with wasting some seed. If you are OK with the latter, it's definitely a good tool.