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Garden Seeder Combo


Our Garden Seeder Combo features our popular Hoss Garden Seeder and every accessory we make for it. The Row Marker will keep your rows straight and this collection of Seed Plates will allow you to plant just about anything! USA MADE!


Our Garden Seeder Combo includes everything you need to plant a garden and grow your own food! With our innovative Seed Plate design, you can customize each Seed Plate to meet your exact planting needs. This customization includes being able to control seed spacing and accommodate for differences in seed size among varieties.

Seed spacing is calculated from dividing 19" by the number of holes in a given Seed Plate. This is because in one revolution of the Seed Plate inside the hopper, the Garden Seeder will travel 19" of ground. The plate thickness of a Seed Plate being used would be determined by the thickness of the seed being planted.

Included with the Garden Seeder Combo:

Hoss Garden Seeder

Our most popular Garden Seeder that has a rolling coulter furrow opener that will plant Seeds accurately and precisely in any soil type. The "double-disk" furrow opener also works great for planting in gardens with lots of undecomposed organic matter.

Garden Seeder Row Marker

  • Ensures straight planting rows.
  • Mark rows as close as 6" apart up to 36" apart in 3" increments.

Seed Plates #1-10

Includes each of our pre-drilled Seed Plates:

  • Seed Plate #1 – broccoli, cabbage, turnips, mustard and other fine Seeds (8 holes, 3/32" thick)
  • Seed Plate #2 – onion, small coated Seeds (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • Seed Plate #3 – okra, pelleted: carrots, lettuce, chard and beets (6 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • Seed Plate #4 – small sweet corn, popcorn (4 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • Seed Plate #5 – small peas and beans (6 holes, 1/4” thick)
  • Seed Plate #6 – medium beans, peas, large sweet corn, field corn (4 holes, 1/4” thick)
  • Seed Plate #7 – radish, leek, asparagus, spinach (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • Seed Plate #8 – cucumber, watermelon (2 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • Seed Plate #9 – butterbeans, lima beans (2 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • Seed Plate #10 – squash, pumpkin (1 hole, 3/16” thick)

Blank Seed Plates

  • 3/16" thick
  • 3/32" thick
  • 1/4" thick

Metal Drill Template

  • Template for drilling blank, customizable Seed Plates.
  • Drill holes equally distant for accurate and precise planting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Stratton
Love this product!

Best seeder I have used, no skipping, great product.

Big Will Cheney
Love this product!

The finest seeder I have ever used . Easy to set up . Heavy enough to stay stable for straight rows .Looking forward for spring planting with this HOSS toolAn excellent addition to my HOSS tool collection