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338 Cell Seed Starting Trays


Maximize your seedling growing space with our 338 Cell Seed Starting Trays. Made with the same quality as our 162 Cell Seed Starting Trays, just more cells. Great for onions, leeks, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and more! USA MADE!

Growing indoors? Get your bottom trays here.


Our 338 Cell Seed Starting Trays are our most space-efficient seed starting option. These trays allow you grow lots of plants in a relatively small, 26" x 13" footprint. These trays are perfect for growing upright transplants like onions, leeks, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, rutabagas, beets and more! Forget those flimsy vegetable propagation trays that you have to replace year after year. These reusable, 338 Cell Seed Starting Trays are superior quality and built to last a lifetime. These trays also don't require a dibbler to remove the plugs from the trays. Once transplants are ready to go in the ground, lightly tug on the stem and they can easily be pulled from the tray. Our 338 cell trays measure 1 inch on all four sides of the cell.

Growing your own vegetable plants has many benefits. It allows you to get a jump start on the growing season by having plants ready to go in the ground as soon as the weather allows. So instead of waiting for soil temperatures to warm for direct seeding, you already have plants ready to go in the ground when the weather allows. Also, starting your own Seeds allows you more flexibility in what varieties you decide to grow. You no longer have to grow only what's available at the big box stores.

Our 338 Cell Seed Starting Trays are made in the USA with an ultra-durable, injected molded design and they are guaranteed to outlast any other vegetable propagation trays on the market. Each cell in these 338 cell trays has internal, vertical root training ribs which guide the roots down to the drain hole, creating a vertical chimney to aid with aeration of the root ball and drainage. This unique feature trains the roots to grow downwards instead of wrapping and becoming root bound, leading to higher quality transplants which suffer less transplant shock and begin producing quicker.

338 Cell Seed Starting Tray Dimensions

Number of cells: 338

Cell volume: 1.28 cu. in.

Length: 26.5 in.

Width: 13.3 in.

Weight: 4 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lance Upshaw

I haven’t used these yet but they are very sturdy and well made. They will last for many years. For the cost of just 10 plants at Lowe’s or Home Depot you can get one of these and grow your own garden from seeds. It was a no brainer for me.

Jeff Logue
Hoss is always the best

I have made many purchases from Hoss and they are always the best

James Norman
Excellent trays

These should last a lifetime. If you like sustainability and conservation, you should consider buying these instead of the disposable junk trays. Thanks!