162 Cell Seed Starting Trays
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162 Cell Seed Starting Trays


These ultra-durable Seed Starting Trays are the best you will find — anywhere! Each tray has 162 cells with internal vertical root training ribs which aid in aeration and root ball drainage. Great for starting tomato, pepper, eggplant, okra, watermelon and many other crops. USA MADE!

Growing indoors? Get your bottom trays here.


Forget those flimsy vegetable propagation trays that you have to replace year after year! These reusable Seed Starting Trays are superior quality and built to last a lifetime. Each tray includes 162 cells for starting plants of any fruit or vegetable variety that you can imagine. Works great for propagating tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, watermelon, lettuce, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, kale and many more!

Growing your own vegetable plants has many benefits. It allows you to get a jump start on the growing season by having plants ready to go in the ground as soon as the weather allows. This is a great strategy for crops like watermelons or okra that prefer warmer soils. So instead of waiting for soil temps to warm for direct seeding, you already have plants ready to go in the ground when the weather allows. Also, starting your own Seeds allows more flexibility in what varieties you decide to grow. You no longer have to grow only what's available at the big box stores. And it's a much more affordable, long-term solution than paying $4-5 for a tomato plant. Our 162 cell trays measure 1.25 inches on all four sides of the cell.

Our Seed Starting Trays are made in the USA with an ultra-durable, injected molded design and they are guaranteed to outlast any other vegetable propagation trays on the market. Each cell in these 162 plug trays has internal vertical root training ribs which guide the roots down to the drain hole, creating a vertical chimney to aid with aeration of the root ball and drainage. This unique feature trains the roots to grow downwards instead of wrapping and becoming root bound -- leading to higher quality transplants which suffer less transplant shock and begin producing faster.

162 Cell Seed Starting Tray Dimensions

Number of cells: 162

Cell volume: 31 cc

Length: 26.5 in.

Width: 13.3 in.

Weight: 3 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

The best seed tray ever

shari engelmohr
Seed Tray

I won't need it till I start fall crops but I was amazed at how sturdy it is. No more crinkling & breaking of thin plastic.

William Taylor
Larger than what I was expecting

First of all, I thought all plug trays were pretty much standard in size but these plug trays are a whole lot larger than any of my existing plug trays. The plug cells are surprisingly approximately the same size cells as my old 13x2 plug trays. On the positive side, I am impressed the propagation mix stays inside the cells and does not fall out the hole in the cell bottom so maybe I don't need a bottom tray with these. I bought them because they were a lot sturdier than what I was using and so far that has been the case. These trays do not bend which is nice when filling the cells with prop media. With my old plug trays I have to put them in a base tray to carry them around when filled with plants while I can move these trays around full and they do not collapse. The spacing between cells is tighter meaning more plugs per square foot which I think is a benefit (more seedlings on the table). With my old plug trays, they nested when I stacked them empty for storage but were hard to get apart without damaging them. These do not nest but they do stack which is something I like. On the negative side, my old plug trays had a shallow groove between cells that allowed me to water between the cells for delicate seedlings just breaking ground. Because these trays are physically larger, I cannot use my old base trays for bottom watering which a rarely did so not that much of a negative. The only other negative attribute is the cost. I can buy a half case of my old plug trays for what just one of these trays costs. My first round of seedlings are just getting started so I cannot comment yet on haw easy the plugs will release when I go to transplant. Even with as much as they cost, if this round of seedlings is successful, I am probably going to buy a lot more to replace our old plug trays.

Tracy Mason
162 cell trays

Ordered a 5 pack of the 162’s that’s 810 cells, me being from Mississippi I had to use my smartphone calculator for the math but I was smart enough to know a deal when I seen one, looks like we’re gonna be saving money on plants the rest of our lives…….and y’all thought Mississippians were uneducated….son with my smartphone I’m smart as heck.


Trays are built very well . I have already planted some seeds . Seem like they will last a lifetime.