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8 mil Drip Irrigation Tape


Conserve water, reduce pest and disease pressure, and have fewer weeds in your garden by using Drip Irrigation Tape. Put water only where your plants need it! 8 mil thickness, 12″ emitter spacing, and 1,640 ft. of drip tape per roll. Output is 0.48 gallons per minute per 100 ft. of tape.



Our Drip Irrigation Tape is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to water your vegetable garden. Drip Tape allows you to use less water while watering more effectively. This is because you are only placing water directly where your plants need it — at the roots. Because you’re not watering the leaves, disease pressure and pest pressure will be greatly reduced.

You also will have much fewer weeds between the rows in your vegetable garden. With overhead watering, many areas of your garden are unnecessarily watered, which results in watering weed seed and germinated weeds that you don’t want to grow. However, with drip irrigation you only place water underneath or beside the plants and you don’t water those spaces between rows.

Each roll of our 8 mil Drip Irrigation Tape includes 1,640 feet of drip tape with emitters spaced every 12 inches. The 12" emitters work great for transplanting because the emitters indicate the plant spacing for you. For example, if you want tomato plants at 2 ft. spacing, then plant a tomato plant on top of every other emitter.

Burying Drip Irrigation Tape

We highly recommend burying your Drip Tape. Our Drip Tape can be buried up to 6″ deep in the soil. Using our Double Wheel Hoe and Drip Tape Layer Attachment, you can easily lay our 8 mil Drip Tape along each row. There are many advantages to burying it, which include:

  • It keeps the Drip Tape straight along the row, keeps the water emitters facing upward and prevents the tape from twisting over time.
  • It prevents rats and other pests from being able to chew into the Drip Tape, causing leaks and headaches.
  • By burying the Drip Tape, you can direct seed on top of it with our Hoss Garden Seeder that has a rolling coulter furrow opener.

Our Drip Irrigation Tape also makes it really easy to fertilize your garden while you water it, saving you time and energy. By installing a Fertilizer Injector between the spigot and your Drip Irrigation system, you can easily inject water soluble fertilizer into your watering system so that you feed your vegetable plants while you water them.

Drip Irrigation Tape Requirements:

Pressure – Requires a flow rate between 0.4 to 8 gallons per minute. To calculate your flow rate, simply record the time (in minutes that it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water. Then divide 5 by the time above to obtain your gallon per minute rate. For example, if it takes 30 seconds (0.5 minutes) to fill a 5 gallon bucket, your flow rate is 10 gallons per minute because:

5 gal / 0.5 min = 10 gal/min

Row length – Our Drip Tape can be used on a maximum row length of 100 ft. at 12 psi. We don’t recommend using on rows longer than 100 feet. If rows are too long, water will not be equally distributed throughout the Drip Tape along the row.

Row number – With a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, our Drip Tape can support 1,250 feet of Drip Tape. That’s the equivalent of 30 rows that are 40 feet long. To calculate how much Drip Tape your system can support, first calculate your flow rate based on the example above. Then divide your flow rate by 5 and multiply that number times 1,250 ft. For example, if your flow rate is 8 gallons per minute, the maximum length of tape your system can support is 2,000 ft. because:

(8 gal/min) / (5 gal/min) x 1,250 ft. = 2,000 ft.

Download the Hoss Drip Tape Calculator on Hoss University! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeff Crane
Good Quality Drip Tape For Row Crops

I have been using this drip tape for about ten years now. I get good service out of it for one garden, put it down new each time i plant a new spring or fall garden. Hoss sells it in nice long rolls so that a roll lasts me a couple years. I have two gardens and live in dry country where irrigation is a must. We get rain but it is soon gone, you have to irrigate and drip tape is by far the best way i have found to do that and this is good drip tape at a better price than i have found elsewhere.


Good product. Easy to install.

Kenneth Roelke
Drip tape and seeds

I’m always happy with the products I get from Hoss tools and they are always on time.

Brian Dunn
Drip tape

Good quality product. Easy to install.
I’ve bought a lot of garden tools and seeds and everything I’ve bought has been quality.


Order arrived on schedule and in perfect condition.