Hoss Fertilizer Injector
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Hoss Fertilizer Injector


Fertilize your garden while you water with our Hoss Fertilizer Injector. Easy to install and easy to use. Just attach to your water hose or faucet, add fertilizer, and turn the water on. 1 gallon capacity. USA MADE!

Click Here For Instructions, Helpful Diagrams, and Troubleshooting Your Fertilizer Injector!

*Optional Backflow Preventer available

"Transform your garden into a lush oasis with the Hoss Fertilizer Injector. Keep your plants healthy and vibrant by effortlessly feeding them while you water. Say goodbye to tedious separate fertilizing sessions – save time and energy by multitasking with this easy-to-install injector. Designed for use with drip irrigation systems, the injector delivers nutrients directly to the roots where they are most needed. Its durable PVC tank ensures reliable performance under varying pressures, while the adjustable ratio settings put control in your hands. For added convenience, easily move the injector around your garden thanks to its simple attachment options. And don't forget about safety – prevent contaminated water from entering your supply with our Backflow Preventer. Get ready to witness stunning results as you watch your garden thrive like never before. Upgrade now and revolutionize your gardening experience! Download our Fertilizer Injector Manual today for even more tips on maximizing its benefits."

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
True Five Star Product

The Hoss Fertilizer Injector is beyond easy to use. Instructions are super clear and it works exactly as it is described. They also make it very easy to find application rates as it is listed with any fertilizer you buy from them. I would buy this 100 times over.

james shivers

great product, super fast shipping, friendly people


Hands down, best inline fertilizer injector I’ve found yet. I love this for my sprinkler system. My whole yard is now getting a boost and it saves me time. I love it

Mike carmichael
Fertlizer injector

Another extremely well built product from hoss tools easy to use and my garden loves it. Thanks hoss team

Gerald Richard

This thing is built like a tank. Very easy to use and works great. This fertilizer injector has taken my garden to the next level, just like everything else Hoss sells, great quality.