Double Wheel Hoe
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Double Wheel Hoe


The Hoss Double Wheel Hoe has an extra wheel that provides added stability and enables you to straddle the row when plants are small, so you can weed both sides of the row in one pass. Includes 4 cultivator teeth. USA MADE!


The Hoss Double Wheel Hoe is the preferred garden tool of market farmers and backyard vegetable growers. This double-wheeled version of the Hoss Wheel Hoe gives you added stability. It also allows for straddling a row when plants are small so that you can work both sides of the row in one pass. It's an eco-friendly solution to cultivating and weeding your garden that works in areas where a tractor or motorized tiller can’t. Use it in your hoop house or high-tunnel greenhouse to keep your row paths cultivated and weed free.

Our Wheel Hoes require less space between rows to operate, allowing you to utilize your garden space more effectively. It helps you grow the most possible food you can! All of our Wheel Hoes are made with powder-coated 15” steel wheels and a 1/4" steel tool bar where you can attach our wide selection of Wheel Hoe Attachments. Our Plow Set attached to the Wheel Hoe makes easy work of planting potatoes by allowing you to dig a furrow and cover the planted potatoes.

Add the Success Kit

Our Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes everything you need to maintain your Wheel Hoe. The Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes Boiled Linseed Oil for conditioning and protecting your Wheel Hoe handles. A 9/16″ Wrench for changing Wheel Hoe attachments. A Farmers File for sharpening attachments, and a medium grit Sanding Block for polishing and smoothing any rough spots that may develop.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Best Investment!

This is hands down the best tool investment I’ve made in the last 3 years. It’s not the most expensive purchase I’ve made, but it’s certainly the best. I’m a relatively fit 50 yr old flower farmer in the South, growing on about a 1/4 acre. The weeds In the footpaths got the best of me this season and I’ve also been looking for something that can easily terminate the crops in the rows. I used the sweeps on the double wheel hoe and they are perfect! Thank you so much for making this miserable and time-consuming task a near breeze.

Phil Parker
Gets the job done

The double wheel hoe is great for marking rows, running furrows to plant seed in, cultivating, but I do wish the plows were larger and the handles were more stout. Otherwise, I’m really happy with the time and effort it has saved me. I wish I’d gotten one years ago!

A Craig
Neat to use

Can run through middle of rows in just minutes. Really like it!


Husband was so excited to receive this gift

Charlton Taylor
Love this product!

I bought the Double Wheel Hoe in 2021 after watching Greg on Youtube and just knew I needed to have one. It was the best decision I have ever made for my garden. I make my furrows and use my drip tape attachment and it couldn't be easier. Product is quality built for a lifetime of use and more as I can see this wheel hoe being used for a long time.