Transplanting with Hoss Dibble Wheel Attachment
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Transplanting with Hoss Dibble Wheel Attachment

Planting Transplants

On this week's episode, Greg decided to plant some beet, bok choy, and broccoli transplants using the new Hoss Dibble Wheel. Back in the day, Greg just cut a stick to his desired spacing and used it to determine the spacing between each plant in the garden. However, with the new dibble wheel, it lays off the desired spacing perfectly for planting transplants. When planting the broccoli, he adjusted the dibbles to turn in every other one which makes the spacing around 10 inches between plants. The seed starting trays make perfect plug transplants for the dibble wheel indentions made into the soil. To ensure the transplants are ready for planting they will simply pull out of the trays with a breeze making them ready to plant in the ground. If you have sandy-like soils the best time to use the dibble wheel is when there is a little moisture to help hold that opening you punch into the ground using the dibble. With clay-like soils, the dibble wheel should do fine leaving an opening or indention in the soil. If you use drip irrigation you can still see where it lays if buried because there is a split in the soil where it lays and you need to straddle that split using the dibble wheel to ensure you don't puncture the drip tape. You can basically plant any kind of seeds, transplants, or bulbs using our dibble wheel attachment to ensure you get the perfect amount of spacing, straight rows within the vegetable garden, and efficient planting is done.

Benefits of Planting Transplants

There are a couple of benefits to planting transplants instead of direct seeding. The first benefit is a quicker jumpstart to the growing season. By having plants growing in the greenhouse you can start prior to the desired growing season allowing you to plant the transplants as soon as the weather conditions are just right. Another benefit of planting transplants is more productive crops. Due to the transplants starting their early life stage in the greenhouse, they are reduced from being affected by pests, diseases, and inaccurate weather conditions that could ultimately harm them if they started in the garden. In other words, starting transplants in the greenhouse will allow you to have stronger and healthier plants that create maximum yields in the garden.

Hoss Dibble Wheel Attachment

The purpose of the Hoss Dibble Wheel is to make indentions into the soil for planting transplants and seeds in the garden. With the Dibble Wheel Attachment, we offer a single, double, or triple wheel kit. Each wheel has adjustable dibble spacing and wheel spacing to fit your desired planting needs in the vegetable garden. Each dibble wheel has 12 holes and may be arranged for plant spacing of 4", 8", 12", 16", 24", and 48 inches. This attachment works on the Single Wheel Hoe, Double Wheel Hoe, and the High Arch Wheel Hoe. However, when using on the High Arch we suggest getting two of the Single Dibble Wheel Kits, to ensure the unit is stable and equally balanced on the wheel hoe. With the Single Dibble Wheel, the wheel sits inside the attachment bracket and is secured using the should bolt axle. The standard axle length is 15 inches long, but we can make a 30-inch axle or easily cut one for whatever size you need. With each multi-wheel kit, we include lock collars that allow you to lock the wheels in place along the axle.