The Best Wheel Hoe: Single vs. Double
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The Best Wheel Hoe: Single vs. Double

Best Wheel Hoe

There are many different advantages to both the single and double wheel hoe. However, when it comes to what you need to do in the vegetable garden this will help determine which is the best wheel hoe for you. Each Hoss Wheel Hoe has a frame made of powder-coated steel, a 15-inch steel wheel and Amish-crafted, hardwood handles that are adjustable to accommodate your height. As well as, a thick steel tool bar that allows you to attach our various different attachments to perform all of your desired gardening tasks.

Single Wheel Hoe

One of the ultimate tools for growing food in your vegetable garden, the Single Wheel Hoe can save you time and energy when doing various jobs in the soil. The best way to use this tool is for cultivating and weeding in your garden. When using the single wheel, you obtain a smaller footprint that allows you to operate in smaller row spacing which is ideal if you have a small garden area. Travis prefers to quickly and easily perform a shallow cultivation to control and prevent weeds from overtaking the area.

Double Wheel Hoe

The Double Wheel Hoe comes with two wheels that provide better stability and enables you to straddle the row when plants are smaller, so you can weed both sides of the row in one pass through. This is an eco-friendly solution for cultivating and weeding in your vegetable garden that works in areas where a tractor or motorized tiller does not. If you plan to use the Drip Tape Layer attachment it can only be used with the Double Wheel Hoe.

Wheel Hoe Conversion Kit

However, we designed these two-wheel hoes to quickly and easily convert from a Single Wheel Hoe into a Double Wheel Hoe, using the Double Wheel Hoe Conversion Kit. By simply switching the arms that extend out to the wheels and adding the longer axle the Single can easily be converted to the Double. Travis explains how to easily make this switch using the conversion kit. The first step to converting the Double is taking off both wheels and the dust caps using two half-inch wrenches. The two arms that extend out to the wheels are bowed out for the double but need to be switched around for the single. Using a socket to remove the arms he switches the arms around so that they are bowed in instead of out. He will place the wheel on the inside of the arms instead of two on the outside then install the shoulder bolt and dust caps. Once this is done the wheel should freely spin around but tight enough so the nuts do not come off. To convert from the single to the double you will need the conversion kit that includes a wheel, a longer axle, and two extra dust caps. To convert from the single to the double you will first remove the wheel and shoulder bolt. Then, switch the arms around so they are bowed out instead of in. Next, run the longer axle through the arms and add the dust caps and the two wheels on the outside of the arms.