Top Five Most Essential Tools Needed for Growing a Vegetable Garden
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Top Five Most Essential Tools Needed for Growing a Vegetable Garden

Essential Tools for the Garden

On this week's episode, Travis goes over the most essential tools needed for growing a vegetable garden. When thinking about the various tools that we have available, Travis narrowed it down to the top five that he believes are necessary and essential to have a successful garden.

Garden Rake

The first essential tool to have is the garden rake which is a popular tool to have in the vegetable garden. This rake is great for leveling out a smooth planting area prior to planting transplants or direct seeding. By using the steel tines on the rake head you can simply cultivate and aerate the garden soil. Bed preparation is important for ensuring you get the best results and the most abundant harvest from your vegetable garden. Not only are they great to use in the garden but also for various tasks around the homestead.

Garden Fork

Another essential tool to have around the homestead and inside the vegetable garden is the Garden Fork. The heat-treated steel tines provide maximum strength for penetrating into the soil for gardens and raised beds. This is a must-have tool for growing potatoes because you can easily lift potatoes and sweet potatoes out of the soil for harvesting. An added bonus to this digging fork is the interchangeable rubber foot pad that provides a wide, firm surface for pushing the fork down into the soil with your dominant foot.

Compost Shovel

When dealing with any kind of loading and distributing compost into your garden for soil amending you will need a quality Compost Shovel to get the job done. The shovel has a comfortable poly-D grip handle that won’t break or slip from your hands when in use. If you have compost on an even surface such as a concrete pad or sidewalk the aluminum blade shovel will work best. While the polymer blade shovel works great on uneven surfaces such as grass or dirt.

Batwing Garden Hoe

Based on the various garden hoes it's hard to pick just one but Travis suggests that the Long Batwing Hoe is the most essential tool to have in the vegetable garden. Designed with a rounded and sharpened edge it is the ideal tool for removing large weeds or pulling dirt towards or away from plants. The shaft is hand-welded to the blade and the blade is hand-sharpened by a 4th generation blacksmith.

Single Wheel Hoe

As one of our most popular tools to have, the Single Wheel Hoe is ideal for getting into narrow or tight row spacings in the vegetable garden. With the Wheel Hoe, you can quickly and easily perform shallow cultivation to control and prevent weeds from taking over the area. Each Hoss Wheel Hoe is created with a powder-coated steel frame, Amish crafted 15-inch steel wheel, and hardwood handles that are adjustable to accommodate your height.