How to Adjust Your Wheel Hoe Handles to Fit You
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How to Adjust Your Wheel Hoe Handles to Fit You

Wheel Hoe Handles

On this week's episode, Travis explains how to adjust wheel hoe handles to fit you perfectly. The new accessory that makes it easy to adjust the wheel hoe handles is the offset handle brackets. The handle bracket kit allows you to shift the wheel hoe or garden seeder handles to the left or right so you don't have to work directly behind the tool. This offset handle kit works with the Single Wheel Hoe, Double Wheel Hoe, High Arch Wheel Hoe, and the Garden Seeder. The first step to installing the offset brackets you simply remove the handles that are already on the wheel hoe or seeder by using a 7/16 wrench. Once the handles are off we can install the offset brackets by aligning them with the slotted groove that is already established which allows us to move the handles up and down and still have the functionality needed with the tool. Travis simply takes the bolts that are included with the kit and installs the offset brackets so they can either kick out to the right or left. It is important not to tighten the bolts all the way down because he still wants to figure out where his handle height needs to be. Then, once the handles are installed we can adjust the handles to our desired height and tighten the bolts on the offset brackets. Another important thing to remember when installing the offset handles is to make sure the brackets are kicking out in the same direction to ensure the handles are going to match up. When the offset brackets are installed it is time to add the handles in the top slots of the brackets. Travis is going to use the two square spots because he does not want the handles too far back on the wheel hoe or seeder. However, if you do want the handles farther back you can use the diamond-shaped spots on the bracket. Once the handles are added to the brackets and tight, then he can tighten down the bolts to set his handle height. When everything is set up it is time to place it in the garden and get to work along the rows.

Handle Types

The three different types of wheel hoe handles that we offer are the pistol grip, steam-bent, and stock plow handles. The Pistol Grip Handles are designed with a fat end so the handle fits directly in the palm of your hand for pushing the tool through the garden soil. However, the Steam Bent Handles have a design that features a curved end to the handles that lets you grip and squeeze the entire handle in your hand. While the Stock Plow Handles are used to maneuver or fit into most horse-drawn implements and other gardening equipment such as a disk harrow cultivator. All of these handles are Amish-crafted and made out of hardwood ash that will last a long time on the homestead.