The Dream Vegetable Garden is Finally Complete
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The Dream Vegetable Garden is Finally Complete

Dream Vegetable Garden

On this week's episode, Travis shows off the finished dream vegetable garden. Travis has designed and laid out a new area on his homestead that is his ideal dream vegetable garden. He is going to go over every variety that he planted in the area today.

Irish Potatoes

He started off in February planting Irish potatoes such as the Adirondack Blue, German Butterball, Red Norland, and Yukon Gold. The Adirondack Blue contains a purple flesh potato that is rich in antioxidants that offer exceptional yields and excellent flavor. Unlike other potato varieties, the best flavor profile is the German Butterball which contains a buttery-yellow flesh. The Red Norland is a newer variety that has disease resistant to scab, late blight, and potato virus. This is another variety that has a great yield, storage, and flavor profile. The Yukon Gold is another popular variety that has been a favorite for gardeners for many years.

Summer Squash & Cucumbers

Next, he planted the summer squash and two cucumber varieties which consisted of a pickling and slicing type. The Goldprize Squash variety is a hybrid straightneck that produces bountiful yellow fruits that contain an excellent disease package. The next squash variety is the Sunburst which is known as a “patty pan” that produces bright yellow fruits with scalloped edges and green rings in the center interior. While the Bennings Green was another “patty pan” variety. He planted two varieties of zucchini which were Spineless Beauty and Golden Delight. While the cucumbers that were planted were two of the most productive varieties known as Calypso and Stonewall.


He planted both indeterminate and determinate tomato varieties in the dream vegetable garden. For the indeterminate tomatoes, he planted the Brandywine variety using the tomato cages to help support the plants as they continue to grow larger. For the determinate tomatoes such as the Bella Rosa and Brickyard, he planted those using the Florida Weave Technique.

Sweet Corn

The outstanding sweet corn variety that he planted using the garden seeder was the Incredible Sweet Corn. This is a sugary enhanced variety that has a higher sugar content than other standard varieties allowing it to have excellent flavor profiles. It contains a traditional yellow corn appearance with a great disease resistance package and improved storage life. The sweet corn has done really well and has reached around 6 to 8 inches tall in the vegetable garden. He also side dressed those recently with chicken manure compost and soon he will hill the plants to ensure they have plenty of stability as they continue to grow.

Winter Squash

Another crop he planted in the garden was winter squash which consisted of planting the Small Wonder Spaghetti Squash and Kabocha Squash. The spaghetti squash variety is a personalized size fruit that is extremely productive and produces around 10 to 15 fruits per plant. While the kabocha squash is the best-tasting squash around it is also known for its texture and visual appearance. Those two varieties have both done extremely well in germinating and all but two seeds didn't germinate, so almost 100% germination.


When it comes to planting peppers in the dream vegetable garden, Travis planted almost every variety that we have available because he loves growing peppers. The Bayonet Bell Pepper is a consistently sized blocky pepper that is really productive and contains an excellent disease package. While the Merlot Purple Bell Pepper is a hybrid that starts growing as green but matures to a deep purple color when ready to harvest. The Aruba Cubanelle Pepper contains a blend of mild heat and sweet flavor that is a very productive variety. The next variety is Gold Rush Banana Pepper which is a popular sweet pepper that matures to an orange and red color variation in the garden. Then, on the more mild heat flavor pepper row, he planted Poblano, Anaheim, and Beaver Dam. Lastly, in the final row, he planted the hotter varieties such as Jalapenos, Serrano, Brazilian Orchid, and Cayenne Peppers.