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Winged Sweeps


2 reviews

The Winged Sweeps are one of our strongest and versatile weeding and cultivating attachments. Great for removing large weeds and cultivating compacted soils. Works with the Hoss Single, Double and High Arch Wheel Hoes.

Sold in Sets of 2 or 3


Modeled after the duck-foot cultivating sweeps on the Planet Jr. Wheel Hoe, our Winged Sweeps provide exceptional strength and functionality. Available in 4" and 6" wide blade models. The design is similar to our Cultivator Teeth, but with a longer, flattened blade for penetrating the hardest soils and uprooting large weeds. The blades are positioned at the perfect angle so that they easily dig into the soil for cultivating and weeding. The wings on each side help to ensure that weeds don't slip off the side of the blades during cultivation.y soil type.

They work well to clean areas that have been impacted by heavy weed pressure. They do an excellent job of penetrating hard, clay soils or soils that have been compacted by foot traffic. MADE IN THE USA with high-carbon steel and a powder-coated surface. Professionally sharpened and hold an edge very well. Because it's high-carbon steel, it's also easy to sharpen in the future after prolonged use.

Possible Configurations with the Winged Sweeps

The Winged Sweeps can be used with the Hoss Single Wheel Hoe, Hoss Double Wheel Hoe or the Hoss High Arch Wheel Hoe. They will also fit the antique Planet Jr. Wheel Hoes. For the Single Wheel Hoe and Double Wheel Hoe, you can use one, two or three at a time -- depending on your desired cultivating width. On the Double Wheel Hoe and High Arch Wheel Hoe, you can use one on each side for a straddle-weeding setup. This will allow you to cultivate both sides of the row in one pass.

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