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Dramm Touch N Flow 16" Watering Wand


The Dramm Touch N Flow 16″ Watering Wand is the gold standard for hand-watering equipment! The shower breaker head provides a gentle, yet ample flow that won’t damage plants. The one touch nozzle control makes it easy to control flow and conserve water.

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Dramm wands are the standard watering equipment for professional growers and home gardeners that appreciate quality, durability and performance. The Dramm Touch N Flow 16" Watering Wand provides a gentle and soft shower flow for your plants and seedlings. The shower breaker water head provides ample water in tiny droplets that won't damage or break plants. This is our preferred wand for watering transplants in the greenhouse or grow room. Prior to seedlings germinating, the Dramm wand allows you to adequately water seed starting mix which can be quite dry initially. The consistently-soft flow allows you to wet the seed starting mix without flooding trays and losing soil. During the germination process, the soft touch will ensure that Seeds stay in their appropriate cells.

The Dramm Touch N Flow 16" Watering Wand is a huge time-saver because it delivers a large amount of water with a soft touch. For crops that require hand watering, this wand can make the job quick and easy. This is our preferred method for watering beds of densely planted greens like Savanna Mustard or Tatsoi. It can provide as much as 8 gallons per minute, which can be easily controlled by the thumb control valve. The one-touch control valve makes it easy to throttle the amount of water being delivered by the wand. It also allows you to quickly turn off the water when moving from one bed or container to the next. This will help you save water and keep from flooding areas that don't need watering.

Dramm Touch N Flow 16" Watering Wand Features

- It has an aluminum shaft which makes it lightweight, yet durable. This wand is built to last a lifetime!

- Shower breaker nozzle included. Provides a steady, yet gentle shower that won't damage the most delicate seedlings.

- Removable nozzle design. Shower nozzle may be removed and replaced with our Fogg-It Mist Nozzle -- standard 3/4" threads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
john hicks

Works great


This thing is awesome!

Jolene Ginson
5 out of 5

Absolutely a must if you grow from seed! Get the mist nozzle attachment for the end and you are set. Easy to use watering, mixing and any other garden chore.