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Most Useful Wheel Hoe Attachment Available

Various Wheel Hoe Attachments

The most versatile and all-around best tools in the vegetable garden are our high-quality and most popular Single, Double, and High Arch Wheel Hoes. Whether you need to make a furrow, lay drip tape, hill or throw soil to plants the Wheel Hoe has several attachments that can save you time and energy when it comes to working in the vegetable garden. The oscillating hoe, sweeps, and winged sweeps attachments all work best for shallow or deeper cultivating and managing weeds inside of the garden. While the plow set offers an easy way to move soil to make furrows for planting, hilling beds, or throwing soil to plants to provide support in the garden. We also offer a Drip Tape Layer Attachment that fits on our Double Wheel Hoe. This attachment makes laying drip tape down in the garden quick and easy. While normally it is a two-person job with the help of this attachment it turns it into a simple one-person job. Another popular attachment is our Dibble Wheel that helps with creating rows and making indentions in the soil for transplanting or direct seeding plants in the vegetable garden. These dibble wheels are adjustable for plant spacing of 4",8",12",16", 24", and 48-inches. Other various attachments that work just as great on our Wheel Hoes include the Disk Harrow, Seeder Attachment, and the individual Right and Left Plow.

Most Useful Wheel Hoe Attachment

On this week's episode, Travis showcases the most underrated, but the most useful wheel hoe attachment is the Cultivator Teeth. Whether you buy the Single, Double, or High Arch Wheel Hoe we include a set of cultivator teeth with every wheel hoe product. This attachment works best for breaking up crust after heavy rains or maybe just adding a little bit of soil to the plants. After a hard rain, Travis's favorite set up is to use a set of three cultivator teeth on the Single Wheel Hoe. He also recommends setting the middle tooth toward the front of the wheel hoe to help the soil to flow smoothly through the wheel hoe. This also helps allow weeds to not clog up there in the middle of the wheel hoe making it hard to use. The wheel hoe can hold up to five or six cultivator teeth on the wheel hoe toolbar. However, Travis prefers to use only three teeth because it makes for better cultivation and allows for the soil to flow through the teeth freely. Once you have a heavy rain you should get out in the garden with this attachment and this will help prevent weed germination because weeds do not like to grow in loose fluffy soil. If you don't want to throw a large amount of soil to your plants or create a big hill you can use the double wheel hoe and put a tooth behind each wheel. Using this type of setup will allow you to straddle a row of younger plants and work both sides of the plant in one pass through. This will only throw a little amount of soil to the row in order to cover the weeds and support the plant growth in the garden. Another advantage of these cultivator teeth is you can take one tooth and mark a row for planting or make a small furrow for planting a row of seeds that you typically may direct seed in the garden. The cultivator teeth are the most useful wheel hoe attachment due to the many different variations and ways that it can be used in the vegetable garden.