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Best Fertilizer Injector for the Vegetable Garden

Why Fertilize Your Vegetable Garden?

There are several benefits and advantages to fertilizing your vegetable garden. The major benefit of applying fertilizers to your vegetable garden is they contain nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Most plants in the garden require a certain amount of these key macronutrients to develop strong plant growth within the vegetable garden. Supplying the macronutrients through the use of fertilizer is an easy way to help establish a significant amount of these much-needed nutrients. Another advantage is these macronutrients will increase soil nutrients as well. Like plants, various soil types need nutrients to help supply the plant roots for future plant growth in the garden.

Best Fertilizer Injector

On this week's episode, Travis explains the easiest and best way to fertilize your garden. The first step in having an easy fertilizer program for the garden is using the best fertilizer injector which is our EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injector. Works well with any type of water-soluble fertilizer like Liqui-Fish or Chilean Nitrate. This fertilizer injector will allow you to water and fertilize simultaneously ensuring a constant proportion is being applied to the plants in the garden. This injector is a tank that you fill with fertilizer and it contains a line with water coming inside the tank then back out with the fertilizer. This fertilizer injector will work perfectly with any water-soluble fertilizers. Travis prefers using our blue colored 20-20-20. With equal amounts of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium the 20-20-20 garden fertilizer provides a balance of nutrients that are needed for plant growth. This garden fertilizer can also be dissolved and injected into the drip irrigation system. Around 5,000 square feet, Travis's has found that in his garden plot the easiest way to apply this fertilizer is to take a 2-quart container and fill it about halfway with the dry 20-20-20 fertilizer. Next, he will add in water and let it dissolve into the 2-quart container. Once the fertilizer is dissolved he will pour it into the fertilizer injector and fill the tank up with water. The fertilizer injector has four different speeds for how slow or fast you would like to apply the fertilizer in the garden. Travis likes to use the fastest speed setting because it normally takes around two or three hours to empty the injector tank of fertilizer into his garden. This is visible in the lines coming from the tank because once the line becomes clear there is only water left in the tank since the fertilizer is a blue color. Now when you are done fertilizing for that particular day whether you used all the fertilizer or not it is best to empty that injector tank. The reason for emptying out the tank after using it is because that injector tank does not need to be under constant pressure so it is better to disconnect at least one of the lines. Disconnecting one of the lines will stop the constant pressure and allow you to water for the rest of the week. Another reason you should empty that tank is algal buildup will eventually clog up some of the lines. It's important to empty the fertilizer injector and keep it clean to avoid this buildup and clear for future use. You can use this injector for overhead irrigation, but it is more effective with drip irrigation. The drip irrigation will allow you to put the water and fertilizer right to the plant roots, unlike overhead watering. If you would like to save time and money using the EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injector will help save time and money when watering and fertilizing simultaneously instead of separately in the vegetable garden.