Simplest Way to Change Water Hoses and Sprinkler Nozzles
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Simplest Way to Change Water Hoses and Sprinkler Nozzles

Introducing Our New: Two-Minute Tips Videos

The start of many videos to come from our new garden series known as Two-Minute Tips. These videos will be shorter videos that are posted weekly, every Thursday at 10 am eastern time. These videos will take place in and around Travis's garden and barn that will mainly focus on discussing tips that will make working in the vegetable garden easier. However, Travis will also showcase various products that we currently offer on our website and demonstrate garden techniques that are used in our vegetable gardens. We hope that through these videos you will learn the simplest way of gardening that will save you time and money in the vegetable garden.

Changing Between Various Water Hoses and Sprinkler Nozzles

On this week's episode, Travis explains the simplest way of using a Brass Hose Quick Connect that will make switching between garden hoses and sprinkler nozzles a quick task in the garden. Changing between various water hoses and sprinkler nozzles in the garden can be a hassle due to the various twisting of threads and having to turn the water off and on every time you decide to switch between water systems. Very similar to an air hose fittings the brass hose quick connect has a male and female piece end. The female piece has ball bearings that allow the smaller male piece to fit perfectly and securely together with the female piece. When the larger female ball bearings slide into the smaller male piece that has a divot ring around the fitting the connection is secure and will not leak. Travis demonstrates how to connect and detach the two pieces in the video below. Travis believes it works best if your garden is broken up into subplots the main reason being for manageable and better crop rotation instead of having one massive garden plot with longer rows. Moving your water hose from one subplot to the next can be difficult without this quick hose fitting that allows you to detach and connect to the next watering set up quickly and save time irrigating the water into your garden. However, with this hose quick connect you can save time and easily irrigate each subplot without the hassle of twisting threads onto another hose, sprinkler nozzle, or drip irrigation system every time. Not only will this hose quick connect work on water hoses and sprinkle nozzles it will work perfectly on drip irrigation systems and our EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injector. Switching between your drip irrigation to a water sprinkler for hand-watering in the garden you can easily connect and disconnect the hose quick connect male and female fittings. Another advantage to this Brass Hose Quick Connect is you do not have to turn the water off and on every time you decide to switch between water hoses, sprinkler nozzles, or drip irrigation systems in the vegetable garden. Due to the secure fitting connection between the male and female piece the water won't leak out when swapping between the different watering systems. Travis likes to even use these quick connects on his four-way at his well system so he can easily switch between his fertilizer injector and just straight water from his well system. This Brass Hose Quick Connect works on any standard garden hose and is durable, leak-proof, and rust proof. Overall, if you are tired of hassling between various water hoses and sprinkler nozzles the Brass Hose Quick Connect will allow you to switch between these various watering systems with fast and easy results with no hassle at all and save you the most time in the vegetable garden.