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Accurate Water Amounts to Each Garden Crop

Correct Irrigation Amounts

Depending on the size of your personal garden and the accurate water amounts a certain crop needs can all vary drastically from each vegetable garden. Other factors such as soil type and weather conditions can play in a key role in how frequent and when you should be watering or fertilizing the crops. If it is hot or dry you may have to water more depending on the weather conditions. However, if it becomes too wet you will need to reduce watering till soil conditions dry out. Also, the best time to water is either early morning or late afternoon so the plants will effectively absorb the water given. The well-known recommendation when it comes to how much water should plants receive is about 2 inches once a week which will increase stronger root growth. Applying accurate water amounts to certain crops is important for the overall growing health of the plants in the vegetable garden.

Basics of Watering Certain Garden Crops

On this week's episode, Travis is explaining the accurate water amounts you should be using to irrigate crops in the vegetable garden. He explains ways to customize your water and fertilizer system depending on your personal garden plot, garden rows, and crops. Our favorite method for watering and fertilizing crops in the garden is by using our drip irrigation system. Using drip tape allows each crop in the garden a suffocation amount of water because all the water is going directly to the plant's roots, unlike overhead watering. This is the most effective and efficient way of watering in the vegetable garden. However, there is always some crops that may need more water or fertilizer than other crops. For example, if you plant okra next to corn in your garden one is more of a heavy-feeder than the other. Okra is not a heavy-feeder meaning it does not need a lot of water or fertilizer. On the other hand, corn is a heavy-feeder and does require a lot of water and fertilizer. The most effective and easiest way to deal with these problems is by using our Drip Tape Row Start Valve or the Mainline Connector Valve. The Drip Tape Row Start Valve allows you to easily control flow on individual drip irrigation tape lines. This is ideal for controlling accurate amounts of water between crops or rows that may need more water than other crops in the garden. This contains a 1/4" barb that perfectly connects to our Mainline Tubing. This also works for controlling certain amounts of fertilizer. You can turn the valve off and on depending on certain rows or crops that may need fertilizer while other crops or row do not need fertilizer. Another way to control water or fertilizer amounts is with the Mainline Connector Valve which connects two lines of 5/8" mainline tubing of drip tape. This valve allows you to shut off or turn on certain sections in the garden rows to water or fertilize. This valve can also be used with the EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injector so you can only fertilize certain crops like the heavy-feeders such as corn or onions. These valves will allow you to break up your garden into zones and you can control based on turning on and off portions that need more water or fertilizer depending on the certain crops in the garden. They contain easy lock barbs and nuts that will help secure and seal them from leaking. These Drip Tape Row Start Valves and Mainline Connector Valves are great tools to customize your drip irrigation system and accurately water and fertilize all the crops in the garden.