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Controlling Grass from Sneaking into the Garden

Why Grass Shouldn't Surround the Edge of the Garden

A problem that can mostly cause issues surrounding the edges of our garden is grass. When grass begins to sneak in and around the edges of the garden it starts out by just a few runners here and there. Then if these grass runners are not controlled they will establish themselves and basically become weeds which are a bigger problem in the vegetable garden. In the South, these weeds are bermudagrass or centipede grass which can become really persistent, invasive, and overall hard to get rid of if you do not eliminate or control them early on in the garden. There are many ways to eliminate grass from sneaking into the garden, but the best way is with our Hoss Wheel Hoe with either the oscillating hoe or sweeps attachment connected.

Best Tool for Controlling Grass

On this week's episode, Travis explains the best tool for controlling the persisting grass that surrounds the edge of the vegetable garden. There are several tools that can help control these grass issues around the garden such as a gas-powered edger or even a sharp machete. The best tool to use for controlling grass in the garden is our popular Wheel Hoes with a couple of attachments. Our Hoss Wheel Hoe is the ultimate garden tool when it comes to saving time cultivating or weeding in the garden. Along with the wheel hoe, there are several attachments that fit perfectly onto this tool that can be used to make gardening quicker and easier. Two attachments that will be a great asset to help you control grass from sneaking in the garden is our oscillating hoe and our sweeps attachment. Both of these attachments will also work on the Single Wheel Hoe, Double Wheel Hoe, and the High Arch Wheel Hoe. Both attachments contain a sharp blade that allows you to cut those runners out of the edge surrounding your garden. They provide a blade not only on the bottom of the attachment but on the curved edge or side of the attachment too. This will help maintain a nice clean edge and eliminate and cut out all existing grass runners. If your grass pressure is not that high and you only have a few runners coming in the garden you can use the sweeps. The sweeps have a 7-inch long cutting blade that has a maximum of 14-inch cutting path when turned inward for a stirrup hoe setup. Turn these sweeps outward when wanting to eliminate weeds close to the plants without damaging the feeder roots of the plant or damaging the stalks and stems. The sweeps will cut down any of the shallow weeds or smaller runners that are surrounding the edges of the garden. While the oscillating hoes will take care of the more thicker runners that are causing a heavy pressure of grass to sneak into the garden. The oscillating hoe comes in a 6-inch, 8-inch, or 12-inch length size. Although Travis recommends and prefers the 8-inch for edging grass runners along the garden sides and surrounding the garden rows. He also recommends running the wheel hoe with either the oscillating or sweeps attachment at least once a week to maintain a clean edge and keep the grass to a minimum surrounding the garden. Whether you have a single wheel hoe, double wheel hoe, or high arch wheel hoe the oscillating hoe attachment or the sweeps attachments are a must-have accessory when it comes to effectively keeping the garden manageable, maintaining cleanliness, and enjoying your plants all throughout the growing season.