Will the Plow Set Attachment Help Make a Garden Row?
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Will the Plow Set Attachment Help Make a Garden Row?

Making Garden Rows

On this week's episode, Travis is discussing whether you need to make garden rows or not using the plow set. When the Plow Set attachment is hooked up to the Wheel Hoe will it create an elevated planting surface to plant seeds? Yes, it can make a garden row when they are positioned in the furrowing or hilling position. When it comes to planting on an elevated surface Travis mentions that it does not hurt anything in the garden, but it's an unnecessary step that we would have to take before planting. If you live in an area with poor soil drainage or a large amount of rainfall throughout the season by building a mound or hill and planting on top of it you're going to ensure the plants are higher up than the soil which will allow for better drainage and they will perform better. However, if you have a sandy loam soil that drains pretty well, so he doesn't need to make an elevated surface for planting. Instead of planting on an elevated surface, we like to plant on the flat soil and as some crops grow we will hill them to help with stabilizing the plant and encourage more root development.

Hoss Wheel Hoes

Single Wheel Hoe

The first Wheel Hoe that was made available was the Single Wheel Hoe, which was based on the old Planet Jr. Wheel Hoes that have been around for over 100 years. If you’re a beginner gardener and have a small garden that’s around 30×40 or 30×50 in size, the single is the perfect tool for you. It also comes with a set of three cultivator teeth that can be moved around the toolbar and up to five teeth can be used at once. With cool weather crops like lettuce, the Single Wheel Hoe allows for a narrower footprint when planting in the vegetable garden. However, another thing to keep in mind about this wheel hoe is not all of the attachments work on this tool.

Double Wheel Hoe

There are a couple of advantages when it comes to choosing the Double Wheel Hoe over the Single Wheel Hoe. The first advantage is you are able to straddle smaller plants between the two wheels. This works great for planting potatoes because you are able to straddle the seed potatoes and cover them up using the plow set attachment in the hilling position. Another big advantage of the double is every attachment that we carry at Hoss Tools works on this Wheel Hoe.

High Arch Wheel Hoe

Similar in concept to the Double, the High Arch Wheel Hoe allows you to straddle plants as well, but much taller plants like corn or potatoes. It also contains adjustable wheel spacing meaning the wheels can move in or out depending on your desired spacing in the garden. So basically you have three different settings on the wheel spacing which includes the innermost being 4 inches apart, the middle being 6 inches apart, and the farthest being 8 inches apart. Another difference is the High Arch has two toolbars instead of just one, which provides many more possibilities for planting within the garden.

Best Attachment for Furrowing

The Plow Set attachment is the perfect tool to make furrows for planting or forming beds for hilling or throwing soil to plants to ensure plant stability and better root development in the vegetable garden. Easily attach the plow set individually or as a pair to the Single or Double Wheel Hoe. For example, you can easily place the plow set attachment in the inward position to make a perfect furrow for planting your potatoes and then turn the plows outward to easily cover the planted potatoes in the garden.