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Planting Potatoes with a Wheel Hoe

Planting Potatoes with a Wheel Hoe

Are you planting potatoes in your vegetable garden? Potatoes are a great crop that are easy to grow and can be stored for many months. Around here the temperatures are warming and the dogwood trees are blooming. We have pepper and tomato plants galore in the greenhouse that are being stepped up to larger containers. Just recently, we planted English Peas and Red Irish Potatoes.

The last weekend in February is typically the ideal time for planting potatoes here in south Georgia. We were a few days late because we had to wait on soil conditions to dry, but we got them planted soon enough.

The Hoss Double Wheel Hoe with Plow Attachments makes planting potatoes a breeze. It's by far the easiest way to plant potatoes in a backyard vegetable garden. With the Plow Attachments, you can make a perfect furrow for planting  your potatoes. Once you lay your potatoes in the furrow, you can then turn switch the direction of the plows and easily hill your potatoes. Because the Double Wheel Hoe has a space between the wheels, you can straddle the planted potatoes and easily mound them for maximal growing.

The video below shows you how we do it from start to finish.

The Double Wheel Hoe with Plow Set attachment makes it really easy to dig a furrow and cover up the potatoes. They make quick work of the process and ensure you get a nice, deep furrow and consistent cover for your seed potatoes.