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Pelleted Carrot Seed

Pelleted Carrot Seed


We had an exceptional carrot harvest this year using pelleted carrot seed! Carrots can be difficult to grow here in the south because of the prolonged warm seasons. These were planted in late fall and we started harvesting them early in January. Although carrots typically store well, we keep them stored in the ground until we're ready to eat them. It's so nice to be able to go pull a few carrots for a snack or as part of a meal. We also blanched quite a few and put them in the freezer so we'll have plenty of carrots to eat until next fall.

Pelleted Carrot Seed

Pelleted Carrot Seed in the Seeder Attachment for the Wheel Hoe

Whether you're growing just a few rows of carrots or planting an entire hoop house, our precision Garden Seeders do a great job of planting pelleted carrot seed. Pelleted seeds are becoming increasingly more popular and more seed companies are developing pelleted versions of carrot, lettuce, beet and chard seed. Mechanical planters are not able to plant the raw versions of these seed types because the seeds are not uniform in shape. So the seed companies coat the seeds with an inert clay to make the seed round and uniform. Seed companies are now developing organic and hybrid versions of pelleted seeds. Once the seeds are made round, they will now accurately feed through a mechanical planter system.

Pelleted Carrot Seed for Everyone!

Pelleted Carrot Seed

Early Carrot Harvest

Pelleted seeds are great for everyone because they allow gardeners and farmers to plant more efficiently, precisely and accurately using a Garden Seeder as opposed to planting by hand. Every year more pelleted varieties are being developed, so you're sure to find a pelleted variety you'll like. If you haven't tried pelleted carrot seed, we encourage you to give it a try!

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