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Pepper Jelly Fresh from the Garden

Pepper Jelly Fresh from the Garden

If you've never tried pepper jelly, you've got to read this.

We always grow more than enough in our gardens.  We love to grow so many different crops and varieties that we often end up with way too much produce. We freeze or can as much as we can eat and give a lot to family and friends. Because of the surplus, we are always trying to come up with new ways to preserve our harvests so that we have it through the entire year..

We ALWAYS have a surplus of peppers because we usually plant every variety we can find.  We like to make lots of salsa and pepper jelly, so the peppers almost always get used.  We like to make pepper jelly with different pepper variety combinations to achieve different levels of sweet and spicy, and to play with the beautiful colors the peppers provide.

Our basic green pepper jelly recipe uses only bell pepper and jalapenos.  This recipe is extremely easy and tasty!  This year alone, we have made over 40 jars of jelly -- some green, some red and some yellow.

Watch our video to see exactly how we do it: