Growing Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn
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Growing Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn

Factors of Planting Sweet Corn

The three most important factors when growing the best sweet corn are pollination, irrigation, and fertilization. When it comes to planting our Peaches and Cream sweet corn it should be planted in blocks or squares because corn is pollinated by the wind, therefore planting in blocks instead of long rows ensures that once the crop starts tasselling the wind can effectively pollinate the sweet corn. Since corn is a self-pollinating plant that produces a male flower, which is commonly referred to as a tassel, and a female flower, which is commonly referred to as the silks. In order for kernels of corn to be produced by the plant, the male flowers must pollinate the female flowers. The male flower is located at the very top of the plant whereas the female flower is formed along the stalk of the plant. The male flower contains the pollen, which is primarily spread by the wind and that will be used to pollinate the female plant located on the stalk of the plant. Another major factor of growing sweet corn is it needs plenty of irrigation to grow in the garden. We recommend using drip tape because it ensures all the water is going directly to the plant roots where they need it the most in the vegetable garden. Also, corn is a heavy feeder that needs plenty of fertilizer to grow healthy producing plants. Before planting the corn, we recommend at pre-plant to add a good amount of compost down in the garden soil. Then, once the corn gets around knee-high, you can start fertilizing using a fertilizer injector through the drip system. We recommend injecting 20-20-20 fertilizer and Chilean Nitrate which both add the needed nutrients for healthy and productive sweet corn plants.

Growing Peaches and Cream

As we prepare to plant our fall corn variety, Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn is our go-to variety this growing season. This variety is a se or sugary extender type of sweet corn which means it matures a little quicker than some of the other standard varieties. Peaches and Cream is a bicolor that produces yellow and white kernels on the same cob and tends to have a little sweet flavor profile. Before we begin planting sweet corn we have to ensure our seed plates for the garden seeder are calibrated correctly and runs freely through the seeder. To prepare the garden for planting we will incorporate the F.A.D system which means furrow, amend, and drip. Using the Double Wheel Hoe, we are able to add a small furrow within the garden that provides a space to plant the sweet corn. Then, we will amend the soil within that furrow we created and add drip tape for better irrigation. By planting seven rows of sweet corn we are able to get as much production as possible in the garden area. The maturity date on the Peaches and Cream sweet corn is around 80 days, however, with warmer temperatures in the growing cycle, we will be able to harvest the corn around 65 to 70 days. There are several great sweet corn varieties that we have available, but we are excited to try the Peaches and Cream in the Fall vegetable garden this year.