Fall Garden Update
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Fall Garden Update

Our fall garden is now in full swing with a variety of crops which include some that were direct seeded and others that were transplanted from greenhouse start-ups.  One of the first plots we started several weeks ago was our carrot, radish and beet area.  We used the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe with Plow Attachment to make hills and we planted 4 varieties of carrots, 4 varieties of beets, and 3 varieties of radishes.


The carrot varieties we planted included two orange types, (Nelson and Sugarsnax 54), a white one (White Satin), and a purple variety (Purple Haze).  The White Satin variety is performing the best while the Purple Haze variety has been the lesser of the four, with lower germination and very slow growth.


We planted three varieties of radish which included a red (Shunkyo Semi-Long), a black (Nero Tondo) and a purple (KN-Bravo) variety.  All of these are performing well and had excellent germination.  The beets we planted were two red varieties (Cylindra and Red Ace), a white (Blankoma) and a yellow (Boldor).  Of these beets the Red Ace and Blankoma varieties have performed best, while the Boldor variety had sub-par germination and the Cylindra variety did not germinate at all. We have several rows of lettuce that we transplanted from greenhouse start-ups.  These are all heat tolerant varieties that are able to withstand the south Georgia heat that tends to persist late into the year.  We have Romaine, Cherokee (red), Salanova (green and red), Bibb and Butterhead (green and red) varieties transplanted.  Much of the Romaine is ready to cut and we have been enjoying it regularly in nightly meals.  We plant these rows fairly close and use the Hoss Cultivator Teeth or Oscillating Hoe attachments to keep the weeds under control.


We also transplanted some China Gold Cabbage and Bok Choy to the right of the lettuce in the picture above.  Next to those we planted Spinach, two rows of Mustard microgreens (Red Giant and Scarlet Frills) and Red Russian Kale using the Hoss Seeder.  All four of these came up very well and will not need thinning due to the accurate singulation of the Hoss Seeder.   We also have a few other microgreens (Tatsoi and Mizuna) started in the greenhouse that we will transplant later. This past weekend we transplanted Toscano Kale and Red Cabbage to the right of the microgreens and yesterday we transplanted this beautiful Rainbow Chard.   The Chard required a bit of a delicate touch while stepping up greenhouse plants from smaller to larger containers, but we ended up with more than enough for transplanting.


We have a variety of broccoli named Green Magic that is particularly heat resistant.  This was transplanted from greenhouse start-ups as well and is growing fast in this well-drained soil.


We love fall gardening as the crops are easy to maintain and the bountiful harvest seems endless.  We encourage everyone to find varieties that are suitable for your climate and grow your own food throughout the fall.  Stay tuned for future updates as we will be planting onions and garlic soon in addition to harvesting all of the crops above. Happy Gardening!