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Cultivator Teeth


Our Cultivator Teeth for the Hoss Wheel Hoe are constructed using stamped steel and then powder coated to prevent rust and weather damage. 3 Pack. MADE IN THE USA!


The Cultivator Teeth work great for soil preparation and general cultivation. Use them to incorporate compost and other soil amendments into the top layer of soil before planting. They also are the ideal attachment to break up the soil crust after heavy precipitation. For preventative weed control, use the Cultivator Teeth in your garden at least once a week and after every rain.

Feel free to experiment with configurations of the Cultivator Teeth. The Single and Double Wheel Hoes will accommodate up to 5 teeth. The High Arch Wheel Hoe offers unlimited versatility. Use several teeth for intensive cultivation, or use a single tooth to create a small furrow.

For narrow row spacings on crops like onions or garlic, use two teeth on the Single Wheel Hoe to squeeze between the narrow spacings.

With the Double Wheel Hoe and High Arch Wheel Hoe, put one tooth behind each wheel and straddle a row of young plants to cultivate both sides of the plants in one pass.

For soils with heavy weeds or lots of organic residue, you may notice that the plant material will accumulate in front of the teeth and not flow through them easily. If this happens, try using fewer teeth and increase the spacing between the teeth.

Check out the Hoss Wheel Hoes here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joseph Phillips
Excellent attachment.

This is a perfect attachment to my Wheel Hoe. Really saves a lot of time and does an excellent job. I could nt be happier.

Bernie Wadsworth
Single high wheel

After purchasing our first cultivator, we found it easy to assemble and a great tool for our needs. Another purchase may be in the near future.