The Best Wheel Hoe Attachment Ever Made!
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The Best Wheel Hoe Attachment Ever Made!

Wheel Hoe Attachments

When it comes to the several different wheel hoe attachments they all vary in capability but are very useful when it comes to maintaining the vegetable garden. Some of our most popular wheel hoe attachments include the drip tape layer, seeder, dibble wheel, sweeps, cultivator teeth, winged sweeps, and plow set. Only used on the Double Wheel Hoe the Drip Tape Layer attachment is the ideal tool for easily laying drip irrigation in the garden. Next, is the Seeder attachment which is a precision seed planter that uses customizable seed plates to accurately plant seeds in the soil. While the Dibble Wheel attachment is used to make indentions in the soil for planting transplants or seeds in the garden. The traditional Sweeps provide shallow cultivation with the left and right cutting blades when running along the rows. The Cultivator Teeth consist of a wide foot design that allows for cultivation underneath the soil. The last popular wheel hoe attachment is the Plow Set.

Winged Sweeps

On this week's episode, Travis demonstrates the best wheel hoe attachment for the vegetable garden. The best wheel hoe attachment that has been released is our new Winged Sweeps. Similar to the cultivator teeth, the winged sweeps have exceptional strength and versatility in the vegetable garden. They work best for removing larger weeds and cultivating compacted soils in the garden. These sweeps are available in 4" and 6" wide blade models that can be used in a variety of ways to fit your personal needs in the garden. Made in the United States with high carbon steel and powder-coated surface, they come professionally sharped and will hold an edge very well. Due to the high carbon steel, it will also be easy to sharpen after prolonged use in garden soil. The winged sweeps can be used on the Single Wheel Hoe, Double Wheel Hoe, or the High Arch Wheel Hoe. Depending on your desired cultivating width, you can use up to three winged sweeps on the single and double wheel hoe.