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Beast in the High Tunnel

Beast in the High Tunnel

We recently used our multi-row Hoss Seeder setup know as "The Beast" to plant three different crops simultaneously in our high tunnel greenhouse. We hadn't done anything in the high tunnel since our Spring crop, so we first had to get the soil ready by amending it with some of our compost. We applied a thin layer of compost on the top of the soil and mixed it in by doing a shallow cultivation with the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe. See how we did it in this video:
We then grabbed our Hoss Single Wheel Hoe and attached three Hoss Seeders, assembling what we call "The Beast." This setup requires using four of our Spreader Bar Extensions to extend the tool bar of the Wheel Hoe so that more Seeders may be attached. The Spreader Bar Extensions can also be used in the same way to set up only two Hoss Seeders as well. This video shows how to assemble it:

Assembling the Beast

We wanted to plant chard, mustard and kale all simultaneously in the high tunnel using "The Beast." We checked our seed plates for accurate metering with the seed we were using and we headed out to the high tunnel to see it work. See it in action here: