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Spreader Bar


Use the Spreader Bar extension on the tool bar of our Wheel Hoes to extend the length of the tool bar for adding more attachments or offsetting your working path. USA MADE!


The Spreader Bar accessory allows you to extend the length of the tool bar on any Hoss Wheel Hoe model. It can be used to create custom configurations on any of the Hoss Wheel Hoes. The Spreader Bar is 14 3/4" long and made with 1/4" steel. Powder-coated to prevent rusting. It also has two grooves for attaching our wheel hoe attachments to either side of the bar.

This accessory mounts to the wheel hoe toolbar with a 9/16" head carriage bolt, just like the other attachments we have available. It can be positioned anywhere along the wheel hoe toolbar to accomplish any configuration you desire. Keep in mind that the more attachments you add to the wheel hoe, the heavier the unit will be. As such, some configurations may become prohibitive to push in heavier soils.

Spreader Bar Configurations:

  • Use with two of our 6" Oscillating Hoes to create our Spreader Bar Bonus setup on our Single or Double Wheel Hoe. This allows you to straddle a row of plants and cultivate or weed both side of the row in one pass.
  • Use our Sweeps to spread them wider, creating a gap between the sweeps for straddling a row of young plants. You can also place 1-2 cultivator teeth between this gap to create an extra wide cultivating path.
  • Use on the High Arch Wheel Hoe to bridge the gap between the two toolbars. This setup is handy when using a 6" or 8" Oscillating Hoe between the wheels/toolbars on the High Arch Wheel Hoe.
  • Use to offset implements to the right or left of the wheel hoe toolbar. This can be done with any of our Oscillating Hoes or Sweeps.