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Single Wheel Hoe


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The Hoss Single Wheel Hoe is the ultimate garden tool, saving you time and energy in your vegetable garden. Based on a centuries-old design and built to last a lifetime. Includes 3 Cultivator Teeth. USA MADE!


The Hoss Single Wheel Hoe is the ultimate garden tool for growing food in your vegetable garden. Save time and energy by using a Wheel Hoe to cultivate and weed your garden. The Wheel Hoe is a time-tested tool that's been a staple of backyard gardens and market farms for over 100 years. With a universal toolbar that allows you to attach a variety of implements. The Wheel Hoe is the most versatile tool to use in your vegetable garden.

The best way to prevent weeds in your garden is to perform shallow cultivation before they appear. Weed control in a vegetable garden is a preventative practice, not a reactive one. Weeds are easiest to eliminate when they are small and barely visible to the naked eye. With the Wheel Hoe, you can quickly and easily perform shallow cultivation to control and prevent weeds. You’ll never have to worry about putting gasoline in a Hoss Wheel Hoe or keeping the tires inflated.

Each Hoss Wheel Hoe has a frame made of powder-coated steel, a 15” steel wheel, and Amish-crafted, hardwood handles that are adjustable to accommodate your height. The 1/4” thick steel tool bar allows you to attach our wide variety of Attachments to perform all your gardening tasks. Our attachments include Sweeps and Oscillating Hoes for weeding. Also, plows for making furrows and hilling beds, a Disk Harrow attachment for general cultivation.

Add the Success Kit

Our Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes everything you need to maintain your Wheel Hoe, change attachments and keep your blades sharpened. The Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes Boiled Linseed Oil for conditioning and protecting your Wheel Hoe handles, a 9/16″ Wrench for changing Wheel Hoe attachments, a Farmers File for sharpening attachments, and a medium grit Sanding Block for polishing and smoothing any rough spots that may develop.

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