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Row by Row Episode 60: Ultimate Taste Test Between Hybrid and Heirloom

Row by Row Episode 60: Ultimate Taste Test Between Hybrid and Heirloom

Hybrid vs. Heirloom

When deciding between different hybrid and heirloom varieties to plant you should really weight out the benefits and flavor profiles that both varieties have to offer. More importantly, differentiate and decide which type of variety you prefer to plant in your personal garden. One major advantage that heirlooms have is they are open-pollinated meaning that the pollen is carried naturally through wind or pollinators. While hybrid varieties are hybridized meaning they have to be pollinated by human intervention to carry out the characteristics in the plant.

Taste Testing Hybrid Tomato Varieties

On last week's show, Greg had the opportunity to taste test some heirloom tomato varieties and rank them based on most productive flavors. The guys were both unsurprised that Sun Gold came out on top with the most flavor profile out of all the varieties tested. This week Travis is taste testing three different determinant hybrid tomato varieties. When discussing these varieties, Travis explains that Bella Rosa and Brickyard tend to be hardier than the Mountain Glory in his garden that is surrounded by commercial farming. According to Greg, the Mountain Glory does better in the northern cooler climates where the disease pressures are not as high like it is in the southern climates. The guys recommend testing out all these varieties to see which one works best for you because it is all based on climate temperatures and disease pressures in the area that you live in. The first tomato that Travis taste tested is the Brickyard which he says to be more acidic in flavor and compared it to a store-bought tomato. The Bella Rosa was next in the taste test which came out less acidic and more of a fruity flavor than the Brickyard. The last tomato, Travis tries is the Mountain Glory. He describes it has being less complex and plainer than the first two he tasted. Overall, the Bella Rosa came out on top with the taste testing with Brickyard and Mountain Glory close behind it.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, the guys discuss everything that is popping up and blooming in the garden. Greg has some succession planting sunflowers from his garden. With hardly any tend to them at all, his ProCut Orange sunflowers bloomed to the perfect size and left him very impressed. For easy and quick planting these ProCut sunflower varieties work like a dream in our garden seeder. Travis has some Ageratum Blue Horizon cut flowers to show off from his garden. This is his first time growing this variety and the native bees have been all over this type of cut flower variety. Travis has experienced the best pepper crop in several years. He has a Merlot Purple Bell Pepper that has great flavor and yields. However, the Bayonet is the leading bell pepper when it comes to maximum production.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment this week, the guys answer questions about their planting schedule and can you still plant sunflowers in Ohio. To keep track of what Greg and Travis have going on in the garden it is best to watch all our YouTube videos when they come out. This will help you know what to plant and when to harvest crops in the garden if you live in the same growing zone (8a). However, they recommend getting a garden planner which is helpful for any growing zone that offers plant and row spacing as well. Greg says depending on what part of Ohio you live in if you get the ProCut Sunflowers in the garden before August 1st you should be in good shape.

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