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Row by Row Episode 59: Taste Testing Different Tomato Varieties in the Garden

Row by Row Episode 59: Taste Testing Different Tomato Varieties in the Garden

Indeterminate/Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomatoes are always a favorite and popular crop to grow in the garden. Whether they are heirloom/hybrid or determinate/indeterminate they all offer many different growing characteristics and flavors. The guys like to transplant their tomatoes in seed starting trays. Indeterminate tomato varieties are known to continue growing and producing all throughout the growing season. The heirloom varieties are described as your older varieties that have the same characteristics that have been passed down from generation to generation. These indeterminate tomatoes can be both heirloom and hybrid.

Taste Testing Tomatoes

On this week's show, Greg does a little taste testing and rates several different indeterminate tomatoes. To start off the taste testing the guys begin with the goldish/orange, Jubilee tomato which is an heirloom variety. The second variety he tries is the open-pollinated, Amish Paste variety. This is a great variety for canning and preserving after harvest. Another heirloom variety that Greg tried was the Mortgage Lifter tomato. The fourth taste test was an extremely flavorable hybrid variety, Sun Gold. The next variety is the Cherokee Purple that is an old heirloom that originated back to the Cherokee Native Americans in Tennessee. To finish up the taste testing, Travis has a little surprise for Greg. Overall, Greg ranked the Sun Gold as being the best tomato out of these different indeterminate varieties. The Sun Gold offers the best citrusy flavor out of any other tomato variety. According to Greg his least favorite one was the Mortgage Lifter variety. The guys both agree that this variety grows really nice size tomatoes, but they do not offer a lot of flavor.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, Travis has some ProCut sunflowers that he harvested. These beautiful sunflower mixes were the Lemon, Orange, Red Lemon Bicolor, and Plum. Greg talks about planting some more sunflowers with the garden seeder. They guys also taste test a Beaver Dam Hot Pepper that is more sweet than hot. They agree that it has more of a sweet heat or citrusy heat, but not hot at all. Greg has some productive Blue Bayou and Cherokee Tan pumpkins growing in the garden. They guys talk about one thing in the garden that has left them pleasantly surprised thus far in the growing season. Travis recently added bees to his garden and he has been surprised at how much more squash and zucchini production he is getting since adding these pollinators. Greg is surprised at how well his Brickyard tomatoes are doing this growing season. The guys also mention a little bit about Silage Tarps which is a new product that will be on the website soon. Greg is currently doing a trial with one in his garden right now. Silage Tarps are a great companion to the cover crop system in your vegetable garden.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment this week, the guys answer questions about the difference in bean varieties, pickled okra recipes, and what seasoning do they like to put on their potatoes. Travis says that whenever they discuss bean varieties they mainly talk about pole beans and bush beans. When talking about pole beans they should be grown on a trellis because they grow vertically and they work best in smaller garden areas. Greg likes to use the "Pickled Pantry" book to get some of his pickled okra recipes. The guys mention that the seasoning they love to use so much is called Cavender's Greek Seasoning. They like to use it to season many different vegetables in the garden and you should definitely try it out if you can get your hands on some.

Product of the Week


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