Row by Row Episode 224: Importance of Native Plants
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Row by Row Episode 224: Importance of Native Plants

Row by Row Episode 224: Importance of Native Plants

Why are we talking about native plants? Well, we took a quick trip up the road from us to the Agrirama in Tifton, Georgia. We met with the President, Mary Alic Applegate, of the Coastal Plain Chapter. Their mission is to educate the public about the importance of native plants to our health and well-being as well as to pollinators and other wildlife. They also strive to promote the conservation and preservation of our native plant habitats by encouraging the planting of native plants in landscapes, woodlands, parks, and gardens. Let's talk about the importance of native plants.

What is a Native Plant?

Those plants which have inhabited a particular region for thousands of years are arguably plants that were present in a particular area prior to European settlement. Grown naturally in a particular region without direct or indirect human intervention.

Why Choose Native Plants?

  • low-maintenance
  • eco-friendly to your area
  • easy to grow
  • easy to get (local nurseries)

Why Establish Native Plant/Wildflower Areas?

  • Native plants support native insects like butterflies, moths, and bees in ways that non-native plants cannot – through the food chain. Native insects, in turn, help bring in more native birds, lizards, toads, and turtles.
  • . Wildflowers and native plant areas help support crop pollinators when crops are not in the fields. This has a major impact on our farming communities.
  • Whether you are designing a new landscape or renovating your existing landscape, there is a wide array of native plants for every location and each landscape situation. By planting native plants, you not only will be perpetuating ecological diversity and providing wildlife habitat, but you will also be leaving a living legacy to your children and future generations.

Benefits of Native Plants

Native plants are healthier and stronger. They help the environment and help create wildlife habitats in your backyard. Most of them are low maintenance and add splendor to your landscape. With so many colors, textures, varying heights, and bloom times; it can give a stunning display over multiple seasons.

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