Row by Row Episode 226: Gardening In December
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Row by Row Episode 226: Gardening In December

Row by Row Episode 226: Gardening In December

December is arguably the quietest month in the garden but there is still much to do and prepare for. Tonight, we're discussing December garden chores, what you can be planting, our garden updates, and more. Let's Grow Together and talk about Gardening In December.

Gardening in December

Prune and Trim

If you have fruit trees, bushes, shrubs, or roses, now’s the time to cut off dead branches and trim for shape. It’s easier to see what and where to prune in the winter when there’s less foliage.

Protect Fragile Plants

Most plants can weather the colder months just fine, but some need a layer of added protection. Spring-blooming shrubs such as azaleas and rhododendron, fragile blooms including dahlias, and citrus trees are some plants that could use an extra layer in the winter.


Gardeners add mulch in the spring to prevent weeds and lock in moisture, but mulch is also important in the winter. A layer of straw as mulch protects the soil from temperature fluctuations so that the ground stays frozen—and the plants.

Continue To Compost

Yes, decomposition slows down in winter, but there’s no reason to stop composting. When warm weather rolls around, your compost will start cooking again.

Turn Off Sprinklers

To prevent frozen pipes, shut off the water supply to the sprinklers. If you have an automatic irrigation system, shut down the controller. Make sure to empty and store hoses so they don’t crack from freezing temperatures.

Order Seeds

Companies start sending out seed catalogs or putting their new seed varieties on their websites around December, just in time for some couch gardening! Make sure you spend time planning out your spring garden, then get a head start by actually ordering those seeds before they run out.

Prepare Your Tools

Take inventory of all your gardening tools. Replace or fix broken items, clean tools, and sharpen blades. When warmer weather rolls around, you’ll be ready to roll.

Plant Flowers/Trees/Fruit Trees

Pansies, violas, cyclamen, ivy, and heather are all great plants for a winter display. Sweet Peas can be sown from October to March. Planting them now gives you a better chance of having strong healthy plants when spring arrives. If you’d like to add some roses to your garden, bare-root plants are a cost-effective way to do it – and now’s the ideal time of year to get hold of them. You can plant bare-root roses from November to March, while they are in their dormant phase. Plant Bare Root, blackberries, blueberries, and Hedges: early winter is a good time to plant bare-root trees and hedges, as this is when they are in a dormant state. You can also plant pot-grown trees now. You can also grow herbs indoors throughout winter.

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