Row by Row Episode 223: ALL ABOUT ONIONS!
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Row by Row Episode 223: ALL ABOUT ONIONS!

Row by Row Episode 223: ALL ABOUT ONIONS!

Our short-day onion plants have officially arrived at Hoss HQ!! Since we are starting to ship out our onion bundles, we feel like this is a relevant topic, yet again! Knowing the type of onion to grow, spacing, irrigation, and more, it's all about onions tonight!

Grow The Right Onions For Your Area

  1. Short day (bulbs when day length reaches 10-12 hours)
  2. Intermediate (bulbs when day length reaches 12-13 hours)
  3. Long day (bulbs when day length reaches 14-16 hours)

Onion Phases

  • In the vegetative phase where they are producing green leaves, all energy is focused on growing the green tops
  • Bulbing phase: when the day length reaches a certain length, they start bulbing.

All About Onions - Nutrient Inputs

  • Before transplanting: Complete Organic fertilizer
  • 2 weeks post planting: 20-20-20
  • 4 weeks post planting: 20-20-20 and micro boost - Alternating with Ammonium Sulfate
  • Bulbing: stop fertilizers

3 Big Secrets To Big Sweet Onions

  1. Water requirements/irrigation
  2. Nutrition:
  3. Plant the right type for your area

*Keep weeds under control, b/w rows with wheel hoe weekly

*Between plants with Single time cultivator.

*Sulfur gives the plant the onion flavor

* Correct amount of water gives them the sweetness


Product of the Week

Onion Plants

Watch the Complete Show on YouTube Below:

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