Row by Row Episode 209: You Can Grow This All Year Long!
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Row by Row Episode 209: You Can Grow This All Year Long!

Row by Row Episode 209: You Can Grow This All Year Long!

Tonight, we are talking all about Microgreens and indoor growing. There are vegetables that are packed with nutrients, and typically only take a couple of weeks to maturity. With endless varieties to choose from that have different textures and tastes, Microgreens - you can grow this all year long!

Some people mistake growing microgreens as the same process as growing sprouts, but that's not the case. Microgreens are grown in soil and are usually ready to eat within a few weeks of planting. Microgreens are more mature seedlings than sprouts. Study results on the nutritional benefits of microgreens have been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.



Don't soak these seeds, blackout time for these seeds is around 2-4 days. It typically takes 10 days for growing time. The yield with our Broccoli microgreen seeds is 8-12 oz per 1020 Microgreen Tray. Of course, we recommend Waltham 29 broccoli.

Black Oil Sunflower

The Black Oil Sunflower has to be one of the most popular and easiest microgreens to grow. We typically soak these seeds before planting for 4-8 hours and we recommend 2-3 days of blackout time. There are normally ready in 10 days and the yield per tray is 1-2 lbs.


We love peas as microgreens! Of course, our two favorites are Sugar Prince Pea and Dunn Pea. The recommended soaking time before planting is 12 hours, and typically requires 1-2 days of blackout time. Only 10-12 days of growing time!


Product of the Week

Microgreen Indoor Starter Kit

Microgreen Seeds

1020 Microgreen Trays

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