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Row by Row Episode 208: You Need To Be Planning Your Fall Garden Now

Row by Row Episode 208: You Need To Be Planning Your Fall Garden Now

It's time to start thinking about your fall garden! Time is quickly approaching, you need to be planning your fall garden now! Be sure to check out the latest Row By Row Episode to get all the details.

Planning Your Fall Garden Now By Zone

Zone 9 - Here's What You Need To Be Planning In Your Fall Garden

Now: Continue planting flowers and cover crops! You can plant fall corn until the end of August, you should also be getting ready for fall planting of Brassicas. Between September 15th - September 30th, start your "short day" onion seed.

Zone 8

If you are in Zone 8, it's now time to plant fall sweet corn and start your first planting of Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts in trays. September 1st is a good time to plant your 2nd round of Brassicas. Zinnias, sunflowers, and cover crops (ex. Buckwheat, Sorghum Sudan Grass, Kodiak Brown Mustard) can also be planted again around September 1st. Planting your onion seed between September 1st - September 15th is your optimal time. Be sure to plant short-day onions for your zone.

Zone 7 - Planning Your Fall Garden

Start first planting Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts in trays, you can plan to plant another round of brassicas around September 1st. You can also plant more zinnias, sunflowers, and cover crops at that time! Cover crops such as Buckwheat, Sorghum Sudan Grass, and Kodiak Brown Mustard.

Zone 6

Zone 6, it is your time to plant beans, English peas, Collards, Turnips, Mustards, Beets, and Radishes. Around September 1st start your cool season cover crops!

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