Top Pick Pinkeye Pea
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Top Pick Pinkeye Pea


Top Pick Pinkeye Pea is an open-pollinated, improved field pea variety with pods set high on the plant for clean, easy harvesting. 8″ pods turn purple at maturity. Cream-colored peas with a smooth texture and sweet flavor. Vigna unguiculata. 65 days to maturity. 2,500 seeds per lb.

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Be sure to check out our Cow Pea Growing Guide for more tips & tricks on successfully growing cow peas in your garden.

Top Pick Pinkeye Pea is an open-pollinated cowpea variety known for its concentrated pod set at the top of the plant. This southern pea is an improved pinkeye variety that produces delicious, cream-colored peas. They have a creamy texture and a sweeter, more earthy flavor than traditional pinkeye pea varieties. Plants have a relatively compact, bush growing habit. Pods are concentrated at the top of the plant for easy harvesting. This also helps to keep the pods clean and less likely to get splashed by soil during periods of heavy precipitation.

Pods average 8" long and will turn purple when they are ready to harvest. Top Pick Pinkeye pods are fast-maturing and easy to shell. This is a great variety for home gardeners and small-scale market farmers. Although relatively drought tolerant, southern peas will perform best when planted on drip irrigation to ensure adequate water throughout the plants life cycle. Top Pick Pinkeye Pea is a great storage variety and may be frozen, canned or dried for future use.

We recommend planting Top Pick Pinkeye Pea using a walk-behind planter like our Hoss Garden Seeder. Use a #5 seed plate, but always check the hole size and modify if necessary. Because it has a semi-vining growing habit, allow 3-4' of growing space for each row. Field peas, or "crowder peas", do very well when planted on double rows. Plant two rows about 6" apart, then skip over 3-4' and plant another double row. This will allow you to maximize garden space and produce more vegetables per square foot of garden. Peas should be harvested when pods are full and shelling is easy. If the pods do not shell easily, they likely need to stay on the plant longer.

Top Pick Pinkeye Pea Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1"

Seed Spacing: 3-4"

Row Spacing: 3-4'

Days to Maturity: 65

Disease/Pest Resistance: None

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Larry White
Pink eye purple top pick peas

I've ordered these from Hoss before and were very satisfied. They are a lot easier to pick than most brown peas.

Patsy McBroom

They shipped my order the same day. Hoss is always top notch in customer service. I just planted the peas so I don’t know how they grow or taste but the seed looked good and I’ve read all good things about this variety including the fact they they’re easy to pick because they grow high on the plant.

Rand Nelson

Happy with delivery

Stephen C
A Garden Standard

These are our standby field pea. Very vigorous growers and can handle high density planting which helps in smaller gardens. These don’t really run like other varieties and the top setting pods makes harvest a breeze. I’ve had some problems with aphids, (welcome to the south) but a good spray with Spinosad knocks that down pretty easily. Germination has always been great, no complaints.

Randy franklin
2 out of 5

Ordered twice. First planting all seeds sprouted. Second planting only about 50% sprouted. Guess second order was a dud.