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Sunburst Hybrid Squash F1


Sunburst Squash is a hybrid “patty pan” variety with a firm texture and excellent, nutty flavor. Very productive well into summer. Bright yellow fruits with scalloped edges and green ring in center. Seed garden label included in seed pack. C. pepo. 50 days to maturity.

Treatment: Untreated


Be sure to check out our Summer Squash Growing Guide to learn more tips & tricks on successfully growing summer squash.

Sunburst Squash is a hybrid "patty pan" type that was an All American Selections winner when released in 1985. This variety produces fruits that are bright yellow with small green rings in the center. Fruits have scalloped edges and are best harvested around 3-4" in diameter. Sunburst Squash is a heavy-yielding variety and will continually produce fruit well into the summer months. Patty Pan Squash has a nuttier flavor than traditional squash or zucchini, and is great when eaten raw or cooked. The texture is more firm and holds well during grilling or sautéing.

Squash may be direct seeded or transplanted, although we highly recommend direct seeding. To ensure a good stand, we recommend planting squash Seeds every 12" along the intended row. Once plants emerge, thin plants to one every 2 feet. Squash can be susceptible to plant diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew if leaves receive excess moisture. As a result, we recommend using drip irrigation on squash to reduce plant moisture and feed plants more effectively. During periods of heavy rainfall, using a fungicide like Liquid Copper can help to alleviate disease pressure as well.

Squash are a crop that will require multiple harvests throughout the growing season. Regardless of variety, squash will have better flavor and texture when harvested on the small end of the spectrum. We recommend harvesting every 2-3 days to ensure no fruits become too large and unpalatable. When squash plants cease production, remove the plants from the garden to prevent any fungal spores from overwintering and becoming a problem in future years. Proper crop rotation is extremely important with all squash varieties to reduce disease and pest pressure.

Seed garden label included in seed pack.

Sunburst Squash Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1/2"

Seed Spacing: 18-24"

Row Spacing: 5-6'

Days to Maturity: 50

Disease Resistance: None

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elaine Alston
Sunburst Hybrid Squash

Delivery was good. Product pkg nicely. Watch you folks on You Tube and I think you are pretty terrific and "down to earth" and a role model for enrtrepreneurs

John Green
Happy with ordering and shipping process…

I haven’t planted the seeds yet but have complete confidence in Hoss Tools.

Chip Taylor
5 out of 5

This Sunburst Squash is fantastic, we direct seeded this squash and three days later it was coming up. The only regret I have is that we did not plant more. Since this was a trial for us I only planted three plants and I have to check every afternoon to see what needs to be picked and every day these three plants have to be picked. I have kept up with a tight schedule on spraying and so far they have been very tough plants with no pest pressure at all.

Patti Caperton
5 out of 5

This is a very fast growing productive plant. In only 4-5 weeks we were harvesting off our plants. We planted 11 plants in raised beds with soil amended with manure and compost. That was it! These plants after a while did get squash bugs but that did not phase them while we treated for that. After they were full grow many of them were affected by vine bores. These plants held up like champs! Just when I thought they were done for the season new shoots began coming from the main vine and the growing season was in full swing again. I can’t begin to tell you how much of this delicious and versatile squash we got. I’m talking over 50lbs easy. It is very delicious to sauté, use in casseroles, or grill, and even stuff!!