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SunBlaster Light Timer


Quick-set mechanical timer provides precise control of the lighting sequences to your plants. Get just the right light to your plants when they need it. Most common settings are 12/16/18 hours per day.


The 24 hour Sunblaster light timer has twice the number of control pins of a standard mechanical timer. The non-removable pin design keeps pins safe and secure. The grounded outlet allows a wider variety of appliances to be used. A helpful override switch is provided so it can be powered off even if it's set to be on. This control is very useful with the Hoss seed starting light kit, and the kitchen Garden Light Kit . Most indoor plants, including seedlings, benefit from twelve to fourteen hours of light at a time. Although twenty four straight hours of light will not harm plants, it will interfere with later stages of the plants' maturity, as in fruit formation.

Sun Blaster Light Timer Instructions:

Setting the Time

Rotate the dial clockwise until the pointer points to the current time. Ensure that the switch on the side of the unit is set to off position.

Setting ON/OFF

15 minute intervals allow for 48 ON/OFF cycles per day. Begin with all segments pulled up. Push down the segment pins for required "ON' time. Each segment represents 15 minutes: 4 segments = 1 hour


Once the desired ON/OFF cycles and actual time are set, plug the timer into the outlet, and the light into the timer. Leave the light in the "ON" position.

Manual ON/OFF

To override the timer, slide the switch to the "ON" position. When switched to the "ON" position, the connected light is switched on permanently.

In case of power failure

Reset the timer as explained "Setting the Time"

For indoor use only


  • 125VAC 60HZ