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Spaghetti Tubing


Our Spaghetti Tubing comes precut in 30″ pieces. Used to connect Mainline Drip Emitters to Angle Drippers for watering containers or trees. 1/8″ inside diameter.


Spaghetti Tubing is used to connect Mainline Drip Emitters to Angle Drippers in drip irrigation systems for watering containers or fruit trees. Our tubing is precut into 30" pieces and can be easily cut if a smaller length is desired. This is premium, agricultural grade tubing that is UV resistant and will last a long time.

It can be used in any application for watering containers, fruit trees, shrubs, etc. Tubing may be buried and we suggest doing so if being used with in-ground plants. This will prevent the tubing from obstructing any walking pathways.

Spaghetti Tubing Features

  • 1/8" inside diameter
  • Precut into 30" pieces
  • Can be cut to length
  • UV-resistant