Short Single Tine Cultivator
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Short Single Tine Cultivator


Our Short Single Tine Cultivator is a short-handle version of our most popular Single Tine Cultivator. It has a single, sharpened steel blade for close weeding and cultivating around plants. Hand-forged and hand-sharpened steel blade with hardwood handle.




The Short Single Tine Cultivator is the perfect tool for weeding close to plants in your vegetable garden. The single 5/8" wide blade allows you to weed closer to your vegetable crops without damaging the plants. It's the ideal tool for weeding closely-spaced crops like onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, or beets. The steel fingernail is sharpened to a point that allows you to navigate around your garden plants and remove weeds with ease. The shortened, 18" handle is ideal for raised beds or elevated gardens.

Hand-forged and hand-sharpened by a 4th generation blacksmith in Missouri. The blade is made of high-carbon steel which is hard enough for the toughest jobs, yet easy to sharpen with a Farmer's File. The comfortable, hardwood handle has a smooth, light finish that will not peel and crack after years of use. Because the quality is top-notch, we guarantee the blade with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against any breakage or bending.

The Short Single Tine Cultivator is absolutely our favorite tool for in-row weeding between onions and garlic. The curved shank allows you to reach plants and weeds without damaging stems or stalks. The blade is the perfect size for extracting weeds of any size, yet small enough that you can navigate through the densest plantings. Use it with the blade upright to penetrate the soil deeply and remove large weeds, or turn the blade on it's side to skim the surface for shallow cultivation and removal of shallow-rooted weeds.

Short Single Tine Cultivator Dimensions

Overall length: 24"

Handle length: 18"

Tine width: 5/8"


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kim Schmidgall
The short single tine cultivator

I enjoyed my ‘hook’ very much, not only did it perform well and make my tasks easier it was sturdy and looked somewhat menacing. My prolific weeds cringed at my arrival. Now for the bad news. My neighbors and passersby appeared impressed and because I’m somewhat careless and left her unattended someone has kidnapped her. Since I haven’t received a ransom demand I’ve come to conclusion I must order a new one. I’ve learned my lesson that the better the tools are the better care needs to be taken.


Great products & service

Jim Billingsley
Must have for Raised Bed Gardening!

This is the perfect tool for most task in my raised bed garden. From weeding to planting it is a must have. It makes removing weeds in my 18 raised beds a piece of cake. I also us it for making furloughs when planting seeds.


It was a gift for our brother in law. He’s very pleased with it, and tried it out the day after he got it! Now my husband wants one as well!!