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Push Pull Hoe


The Push Pull Hoe is absolutely our favorite hand hoe! With its unique V-shaped design, this garden hoe allows you to weed more effectively and efficiently with a push-pull motion.



The Push Pull Hoe has changed the game when it comes to hand weeding. Amish-crafted in Lititz, Pennsylvania, this hoe has quickly become our favorite hand hoe in the garden shed. The V-shaped head allows you to weed with a push-pull motion which is much quicker and more effective than repeatedly lifting and impacting the soil with a traditional hoe. The hardened steel blade is sharpened on both sides which allows you to cut weeds in both forward and backward directions.

The sharp point easily penetrates any soil type to remove the most deeply rooted weeds. Push the hoe forward to cut a weed (root and all) from the soil, then pull the hoe backward to displace the entire weed. The push-pull motion allows you to skim the surface and eliminate small surface weeds. This is the perfect garden tool for close weeding to delicate plants. The V-shaped head allows you to weed closer to plants than any other hoe without the risk of damaging your vegetable plants.

Push Pull Hoe and Drip Irrigation

If you use drip irrigation in your vegetable garden, this tool is a must-have! When using drip irrigation, weeding close to drip lines and trunk lines can be a delicate issue. Because it easily skims underneath the soil, you can remove weeds without having to worry about cutting into your drip irrigation lines. For those trunk lines on top of the soil, this garden hoe is ideal for sliding underneath the tubing to remove all the weeds congregated around the trunk line. Once you start using it, you won't want to put it down!

Total length: 61.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Where has this been all my life

Amazing, this took ten minutes to do wasn’t normally talks thirty minutes.

Brad Hyland
Solid, easy to use..great for grubbing out weeds in large beds

I have been using products like this for many years, I even supplied all of my landscaping crews with product similar to this one, I would have supplied them with The Push/Pull Hoe it had been around!

Ken Davis
Absolutely awesome !

I have used stirrup hoes for years and thought nothing could compare or surpass them, until I got a push pull hoe. While a stirrup hoe does an equally fine job as a push pull hoe in some locations there are some places the push pull hoe surpasses all other hoes such as under and around vining crops such as watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers etc. With the push pull hoe I can remove weeds from around vining crops quickly and easily and not disturb or damage the vines at all. The only issue I have with the push pull hoe is I only have one, something I am going to remedy shortly.

Brenda Bencsik

I absolutely love this tool. It makes keeping up with weeding so much easier!

Hoe, baby

This tool is a godsend. I run drip lines down each of my beds, and this thing makes my life so much easier. It seriously has changed my hoeing game for good. I have 500 ft + of garden rows that I use the push-pull to hoe regularly, and it is a much easier job compared to what it used to be. Less time, less effort. Definitely would recommend.