Purple Dark Opal Basil Microgreens
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Purple Dark Opal Basil Microgreens

Spice up any dish with the delightful Purple Dark Opal Basil Microgreens! With their delectable sweet-spicy flavor. Not just delicious but nutritious, they boast anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Add a unique taste and pop of color to any dish with Purple Dark Opal Basil Microgreens! With a slightly spicy and sweet flavor reminiscent of Thai basil, these vibrant microgreens offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Drawing from a long culinary history in the Mediterranean region, they are sure to add a delicious and healthy touch to any dish.

Planting these microgreens is simple and requires only a shallow container with potting soil, some water, and ample sunlight. When your plants reach 2–3 inches in height, you can snip off what you need with scissors or garden shears. Enjoy the full flavor of your Purple Opal Basil Microgreen harvest!

Growing Information 

Germination: 2-4 days

Estimated Harvest Time: 18-25 days

Nutrients: Vitamin A & C, Iron, and Magnesium