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Offset Handle Bracket


The Offset Handle Bracket kit allows you to shift the Wheel Hoe/Garden Seeder handles to the left or right so that you’re not walking directly behind the equipment. Works with our Single Wheel Hoe, Double Wheel Hoe, High Arch Wheel Hoe and Garden Seeder.


Our Offset Handle Bracket kit includes a pair of metal brackets for offsetting the handles on Hoss Wheel Hoes or the Hoss Garden Seeder. This attachment is designed to be used in situations where you do not want to be walking directly behind the cultivating implement.

The offset brackets are a handy accessory for market farmers and backyard gardeners who grow on permanent, 30" elevated beds. In this situation, the grower will prefer to cultivate the top of the bed while walking to the left or right of the bed. They are also an ideal accessory for growers with hard, compacted soils.

The Offset Handle Bracket allows you to offset the handles to the left, as well as the right of the equipment you're using. The brackets can be positioned with the handles angled to the right or left, depending on your preference. There are also two angle settings that allow you to adjust the distance/angle of the offset. This accessory is compatible with the Hoss Single Wheel Hoe, Hoss Double Wheel Hoe, Hoss High Arch Wheel Hoe and the Hoss Garden Seeder.

Offset Handle Bracket Installation

  • Remove the handles from the Wheel Hoe or Seeder. Save those nuts, washers, and bolts as you'll need them to remount the handles to the offset brackets.
  • Using the four bolts, lock washers, and nuts included, attach the offset brackets using the circular holes on the brackets. You may direct the brackets in the left or right direction. Just make sure they're both in the same direction.
  • Fasten the handles to the brackets using the square/diamond holes on the brackets. For a deeper offset, use the diamond holes. For a lighter offset, use the square holes.