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Mercury Hybrid Cucumber F1


Mercury Cucumber is a monoecious variety. Produces large harvests of dark-green cucumbers with thin skins and a small seed cavity. Cucumis sativus. 55 days to maturity.

Treatment: Untreated


Be sure to check out our Cucumber Growing Guide to learn more about how you can successfully grow cucumbers at home.

Mercury Cucumber is a hybrid, beit-alpha type, thin-skinned cucumber that is monoecious variety. Mercury Cucumber can be grown in a greenhouse but is ideal for outdoor production. Fruits have thin skins and don't need to be peeled. They are shiny, dark green, and usually average 8" long when allowed to reach a larger size. Fruits have a small seed cavity and small Seeds. Mercury can be used as a pickling variety when harvested small or can be used as a slicer when allowed to get larger.

Cucumbers perform best when direct-seeded. They do not perform as well when transplanted. Cucumbers may be direct-seeded by hand or with a walk-behind seeder. To obtain a good stand of plants, we suggest planting Seeds every 6-8" inches and thinning to one seed per foot.

Cucumbers are a vining plant and grow best when given a trellised structure to climb. Use a strong trellis that is well-supported with deeply driven stakes. Keeping plants off the ground will reduce the potential of plant diseases like mildews and other diseases that can result from excess plant moisture.

Trellising will also keep the fruits cleaner and save time with harvesting and processing. It will also help to prevent fruit discoloration or yellowing from sitting on the soil surface. Our Hortonova Trellis Netting works great for trellising cucumbers and is easy to install.

Mercury Cucumber Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1/2"

Seed Spacing: 12"

Row Spacing: 5-6'

Days to Maturity: 55

Disease Tolerance: Powdery Mildew, Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brooks Cooper
Good cuke

My Goto for several years has been the diomede. So I thought I’d change it up this year and go with the mercury. There’s no telling how many varieties of cukes I’ve grown through the years but it’s a large number. I’m giving this cuke 4 stars instead of 5 because it’s not as productive as diomede. But it’s a great cuke. I’m not sure I’ve ever grown a better monoecious variety. It has a very good taste as well. I’m not sure what’s different about it but it’s a great flavor.

Steve Thompson
Mercury Cucumber

I have had OUTSTANDING RESULTS with this cucumber.. I will continue to order these as long as you have them available

Love these!

My first cucumbers to grow, and I couldn't be happier! 100% germination, and grew like crazy! Made the best refrigerator pickles, and people kept asking for more jars! I'll be planting these from now on! Thanks, Hoss!


I've bought these seeds two different times and i mostly got male flowers, very few females.
Very disappointed.

Quick to grow and produce cukes!!

The Mercury cucumber seeds grew quickly with immediate cucumbers appearing on ever bloom. I just picked the 1st one and it is delicious. Nice thin skin with a refreshing flavor and snacking quality. I will definitely be planting these next season!!